Podnews Weekly Review

Podverse mobile supports Alby. Libsyn expands to Europe and Canada. Spotify filters music from podcasts. Podnews launches podcastnamespace.org. Oprah protects her trademark and ASA fines Steven Bartlett.

August 18, 2022 James Cridland & Sam Sethi Season 1 Episode 88
Podnews Weekly Review
Podverse mobile supports Alby. Libsyn expands to Europe and Canada. Spotify filters music from podcasts. Podnews launches podcastnamespace.org. Oprah protects her trademark and ASA fines Steven Bartlett.
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Welcome to pod land. The last word in podcasting news. It's Thursday, the 18th of August, 2022. I'm James Cridland. The editor of pod news. And I'm Sam, Sethy the managing director of river radio. He is pod loudly sponsored by buzz Sprout's podcast. Hosting made easy last week, 3,176. People started a podcast with buzz sprout. Now there's buzz sprout ads to grow your podcast wherever it's hosted. And we're sponsored by squad a remote recording tool that creators love squad casters launched version five with new features and a new look. Last week, 4,000 hours of high quality audio were remotely recorded using squad. That's right now, pod land is where Sam and I review the week's top podcasting stories covered on pod news. Thank you to Evo Terra for co-hosting last week and next week, a special show from Dallas podcast movement, Pod land supports both transcripts and chapters. This allows you to jump to the part of this podcast that interests you the most. If your podcast app doesn't support, transcripts or chapters, then grab a new one from pod news.net/new podcast apps. indeed. And, it's very good to see you back from your holiday. Uh, you, you were somewhere in Italy. Were you. yeah, in Pulia. So, , I like to say I've been Bisto'd, which is brown seasoned and thickened all in one. Right. Well, and on that bombshell, uh, what's the big story we're talking about this week, Sam. Well, it's a follow up to the story that's been going on for a couple of weeks now, James, that you and Evo discussed Ashley Carmen's piece in Bloomberg about people paying $50,000 to appear on popular shows and not declaring it. Of course, after Bloomberg contacted said shows, they started to declare their payments, but you then wrote a story about a UK CEO, Stephen Bartlett, the diary of a CEO. He's very famous over here. He's fairly well known globally. I think he's fallen found of the UK advertising standards, authority, James what's he done wrong? He didn't make it very clear that an ad was an ad in his show. So the advertising standards authority, which is kind of the equivalent ish of the FTC in the us, ended up saying it was in a similar style and tone to the editorial material. And therefore not differing significantly between the two host your podcast at buzz prat. So my, my suspicion here, , is that, , the ASA is getting a little bit more keen on, making it really clear, , when something is a, is an ad and when something isn't an ad. Yeah. I mean, they, they stepped in a couple of years back. I can't quite remember exactly how long ago when influences on Instagram were not declaring that what they were posting was actually an ad and not something that was just from their collection of various photos. And in this case, Steven Bartlett is a big investor into heal. He put in 24 million last year into them. So you would think that he would make it very clear that he was actually giving an ad and not just, recommending something on, on the process of talking about it within his podcast. You know, it just needs to be really clear. When something is an ad and when something isn't an ad and, you know, it's interesting that the advertising standards authority really only starts looking into this, if there's a complaint and there was a complaint from someone wonder who that someone was and whether that someone was, you know, a competitor or something else. It's something which the FTC has always been pretty hot on in the us of just making sure that an ad is obviously, you know, an ad, if you're gonna be doing, uh, remote recording use squad. It's very good., just make it really clear that it is an advert. You'll have been in your Italian Villa, watching a little bit of, the Italian TV. and when they go to the ad break, then you see something saying advertisements just before the ads or VRBO in, uh, Germany, to make it really clear and obvious. And obviously there are other things there as well, in terms of what's an ad and what isn't an ad. And, um, I think that that's, at least it sounds as if that's what the advertising standards authority is, uh, wanting to happen here too. Well, it just feels to me like it's the same as the Paola stuff. Just be transparent, declare that this is your position. I'm sure that those podcasts that would. Having people paid to be guests didn't want anyone to know that. but that's just, you know, under hand. And I think, you know, maybe Steven barley, I, I doubt he needs the extra 50 P miles bar from he's advert. So, he probably just didn't know that he had to do it or didn't make it very clear. I'm sure he is changed his mind and he'll make it very clear in his next episode. Now you have a friend in the UK called Paul Chandler and you reached out to him as a UK media law expert. What did he have to say on it? James? He's also a director of podcast radio and he is basically written along article, all about what you should do. And basically listeners must know when they're being sold to it's the basic thing here. Now my understanding about this particular podcast was that the mention of Hu's sponsorship was at the end of the show. Rather than at the beginning. And this is why I'm kind of a little bit jokingly, dropping in Buzzsprout and squad cast there because we are up front right at the start that we are sponsored by those two fine excellent people. I don't think that anybody would be in any doubt that they were being sold to if I start mentioning it now. so similarly, I think that that's one of the things that, um, this particular podcast wasn't doing and now they've basically changed it to basically say as, you know, hu sponsor this podcast. So let me talk about hu and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I think, you know, that that's probably a fair and sensible things do So yeah, I I'll check out Paul CLER, um, and, and hopefully be able to get him onto the show in the future as well. Now, little bit more legal trouble going on in the world of podcasting James, it seems, opera Winfreys company has filed a lawsuit against a fan podcast called, called EMS, , from Radiotopia. What's that one about James? I think it's Oprah, isn't it? Uh, I'm I'm not a big fan. potato? I say Yeah, , I'm not a big fan either, but anyway, it turns out that opera Oprah, has, uh, well basically, her company has taken, which is called Harpo, which is, uh, Oprah backwards found facts. her company has, uh, taken, Oprah to court for basically saying that it's my trademark. And you are trying to capitalize from the Oprah effect. Now. Yes, they are clearly using Oprah's name to promote this show because the show is all about, the Oprah Winfrey show and, seminal moments from that particular. I've been calling it a fan podcast. other people have told me it's a very academic podcast that looks into the history of the show and, and its effects on mass media and, and media in general and blah, blah, blah. But even so at the end of the day, if they weren't using the Oprah name, then they wouldn't get as many people,, downloading that particular show. So I can kind of see that maybe calling it Oprah demos was slightly too much. If they were gonna call it something like, adventures in daytime TV, the Oprah Winfrey effect, um, they could probably have got away with that. I think it's just the fact that they have called it such a short and tight name, which is very much, you know, using her, her, her trademark. What do you. Well on this one, I tend to agree with, uh, Oprah. I think people, like her have spent a lifetime building up their brand, trademarked it correctly, spent a fortune on getting that done. I mean, I know Kylie Jenner and Kylie Menga fighting over the name, Kylie, for their trademark. One of them's gonna have it. Yes. One wants to be known as the Kylie. Yes. so, people are. Very precious about their brands. I mean, at river radio, I know we've got a trademark and we had to go and win that. And it was a hard fault. I guess they, they could have reached out. Maybe they should have reached out to opera Winfrey's company and said, look, this is what we're gonna do, cuz from what you've just described, if somebody was gonna do something around my, radio station that was promoting it and saying how great it was, I'd be, I'd be cartwheeling. So I'm not sure whether they just didn't reach out and, and she feels that they're, you know, monetizing her brand. Yeah. I mean, it, it, it could be that it's interesting to see. For example, there are quite a few fan podcasts out there about star wars or fan podcasts out there about Dr. Who and neither, Disney, nor the BBC have got very upset about them, as long as they follow the right kind of brand guidelines and everything else. Clearly that is something that is within. You know, if you, if you have a registered trademark, clearly you can, control it in any way that you want to. And I think it's just gives you just a little bit of pause for thought, in terms of, if you are going to be making a fan podcast or a podcast, which is looking specifically at a certain thing, then just be careful what you call it and be careful, of the sort of, uh, treatment that you're going to give that registered trademark cuz it's um, you know, it's an important thing to get, right? Yeah. A couple of days ago, there was actually a virtual online event, uh, called three signs. You need to change the name of your podcast. Assume, uh, if that's still available, that would maybe be something that we sent to epidemics. Yes. at it. Yes, indeed. Now moving on, S sync seem to be very active in the acquisition model. Uh, S sync is expanding to Europe by acquiring German podcasts company. Ju media, I assume that's how you say it. James. The company is Germany's largest independent platform for podcast advertising and it gives lip sync opportunities across Europe. they're adding to the company's other advertising acquisitions of advertised cast in April pod in November and podcast ad reps in February. what's the strategy from Lising here, James, why they acquiring all these little companies and merging them into one, I assume. Yeah, I think the strategy is to be an independent platform for podcast advertising across the world. They've realized that there's, uh, particular growth, in, Germany, and that they want to, uh, jump in there. I'm not entirely convinced that Julep is, uh, particularly large anywhere else other than, uh, Germany, but, it's a good start into there. And it does give, uh, li in some,, people on the ground in Germany as. so I think that that makes, uh, a bunch of sense actually today Lipsin has announced its expanding into Canada as well. They've announced the appointment of Bob Kane, which, you know, I, I reported Bob Kane was working for Lipsin in June, but uh, they finally announced it. Uh, so that's good. Uh, and they signed a couple of, um, podcasters in Canada as well. So again, I think very clearly they are jumping in. They're going actually, um, advertising is here for the taking and uh, we want to be a market leader in that sort of area and uh, you know, quite rightly too. Hm. Now Talking of li sync. One of their employees is the wonderful Elsie Escobar., this week, James, she published with Edison research, the Latino podcast listener report. the number of us Latino podcast listeners, it says over the past month has slightly declined here on year. Feels like this same report that, um, was announced at podcast movement in LA. Um, have you read the report or did you watch what, uh, else you said. Yeah, I, I I've read the report. There's some interesting data in there, , in terms of, you know, uh, why people first listened to podcasts and, people's, um, attitude towards advertising and so on and so forth. There's a bunch of, uh, things that you can, uh, take out of the data. I think one of the things that I sort of spotted is how static it all is actually. Um, and that's probably a good thing. Um, what you don't want is, um, is an industry, which is, uh, showing hockey stick growth, and then. and then going the other way., so great to see that everything is pretty static, pretty good, a little bit of a drop in terms of monthly consumption, um, the highest ever figure in terms of, have you ever listened to a podcast? Tons of, of other, you know, interesting things, uh, in that, uh, data is probably quite difficult actually to, uh, pricey and worthwhile having a look at the full data, which thankfully is released and, and is available now. Yeah. One of the things that stood out for me was the desire of the Latino audience to also see video. It was much more a visual as well as audio, , audience. And that was something that I thought was very different to what we would normally report. You know, we've been talking all waiting with bated breath for YouTube to do something, Interesting to, uh, to, uh, read it. And, uh, certainly it's one of the reasons why, for example, sounds profitable, publishes their newsletter every single week in, uh, Spanish, uh, to capture that market because it's a great market to have a look at. Yeah, and I think, uh, ELS's going to be doing an online seminar on the 15th of September with more details from that report as well. Now let's have a look at what Spotify's been up to, um, straight after last week's podcast with you and Evo. Um, Spotify has shown, uh, in some screen grabs that it has gonna add additional filter tabs to try and make it clearer for users to separate between podcasts and music. Um, what's your thoughts there, James? Do you think that's the step forward that we need for, because I know still finding podcasts within the current Spotify app still is a challenge for me. Yeah. I think what they're trying to do there is that they're adding additional filters onto the front screen so that you can have a look at, the current front screen, which is a mix of podcasts and music. You can also then say, actually, I just wanna have a look at the music content, or I just wanna have a look at the podcast content. Now this has been, celebrated by some, in the podcast industry of going, oh, brilliant. You know, finally, we've got a podcast screen. and that's one way of looking at it. My, uh, other way of looking at it is, do we really want a screen which, allows users to remove podcasts altogether from their view of, uh, Spotify? Is that really a good thing for the industry as we move forward? because that's essentially what they've also announced. So not so sure about that at the end of the day, they are additional filters to the, uh, front page of the Spotify app. So therefore it's not replacing anything. Um, but, um, you know, interesting to, um, see that sort of, uh, side, um, I believe that it's now live on Android and I believe that it will be live on iOS in the next couple of weeks. Mm, would it be us only as well or global? A good question. Um, I don't have Spotify on my phone, so otherwise I could probably tell you that. You would assume that it would be a global, uh, thing. Interestingly, Spotify have only just got around to launching podcasts in some of their, , countries. Anyway, they only launched podcasts in Ukraine last week. So up until, uh, last week, there's been no podcasts in, uh, Spotify, in Ukraine at all. Um, which, you know, again, questions around really. Why, why did they spend so long doing that then?, you never quite know with, uh, Spotify, they seem to do lots of different things in different places. Um, and in fact, they've been testing something in New Zealand that they're now testing in Vietnam. Yeah, they've started testing a voice recording, , option at the end of playlist. So asking people who've listened to a playlist to leave a voice recording of it. so again, is this a good thing? I, I, I don't, I can't imagine I would ever want to get to the end of someone else's playlist and go, you know what, James, that was the best thing I've ever heard as a mix. I can't dunno why just can't imagine doing like, just like, I really likes the Beatles song and number three, I mean, yeah. I don't understand why anybody would end up wanting to do that now. Would they enable this feature for Joe Rogan? Would there be some kind of cesspool of, um, of audio comments in the Spotify app, which is lots of Joe Rogan fans going, Joe was really good, Joe. I really enjoyed that. Thank you so much for sharing your intelligent brain with me. Um, I'm not so sure that's the world's biggest plan, but you know, , I mean, Joe Rogan says that he wants comments and he really misses the comments from his, uh, YouTube, uh, clips. So who knows, maybe they're building this just for. Maybe this should look at the podcast index and integrate, maybe booster grams. That'll be a better way of doing it. Yes, well, integrate booster grams or integrates, cross out comments or something. Um, but, uh, you know, why would Spotify do that? Because that means playing with other people I noticed that you wrote about a company called distopia, which has launched its own mobile app, which is claiming that it's going to be having millions of podcasts, podcast videos. and it also contains music. is this the potential first competitor to Spotify? I'm not sure it's the potential first competitor. Um, I'm not quite sure what dystopia is doing. Um, they say that they're launching their own mobile app. They say it concludes millions of podcasts who knows who's on there. I've not yet seen whether, you know, this podcast is on there. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't don't know what they've announced today is that they're going to become the first podcast streaming platform to pay podcasters 5 cents per stream. 5 cents per stream, which is a $50 cost per thousand. I worked it out., that sounds to me as if that's a really good way of sending a company bankrupt relatively quickly. I mean, if the average advertising that you get from, uh, podcasting is, um, about a $24 cost per thousand, , then $50 cost per thousand to pay to the podcasters. I, I, I don't understand how that's gonna work. Um, their CEO is coming to podcast movement next week. So maybe I can grab him for a quick interview to find out exactly how that's going to work and how his company isn't gonna go bust very, very quickly., maybe they've got a plan, but don't quite understand what their plan is. Well in, in some ways what they're saying though, to be fair to them a little bit, James is they're saying just as fountain are, we will pay you micro payments for your time and attention. And if they are just on their website, you know, charging nine $99 or 1990$9, uh, for creative plus, as it's called, then hopefully their CEOs worked out how much he has to pay out. Uh, and the average consumption of the amount of music and podcast that people will, will consume. Um, as well as the payment out to artists to leave him a little bit of money left in the pot for marketing. I don't know. I mean, clearly it, it would be interesting to see what his calculations are, but you would hope that the only reason I'm I'm interested in it is because a, if this is what Adam Curry's been asking for, which is someone to use. A mechanism of payment for podcasters rather than a flat fee, but it's not. Yeah. I mean, they, they are charging a flat fee, same as Spotify. Um, and they're not from what I can read and see very quickly. They're not using anything like Satoshi's or value for value. So I'm not quite sure how they're going to, as you said, how they're gonna survive, but it'll be interesting to hear from them. And they do come from a music background. They have been, helping musicians get into, streaming platforms and stuff like that for quite some time. So, you know, they, they clearly have the knowledge there, but, um, yeah, I'm interested to find out what it is that they're actually planning. So, uh, who knows, maybe I might be able to bump into, uh, them, uh, N next week in sunny, Texas. Yes. I think you're gonna be bumping into a lot of people though. There, James. I have a feeling I might be that's my worry. How's your diary looking? It's free. He says it's free. Come and see me. He says yeah, yeah. It's absolutely full Wednesday and Thursday is completely full. So, um, but looking forward to on Thursday, looking forward to, um, having a bit of beer, uh, in a nearby, uh, brewery, uh, I am actually organizing a piss up in a brewery, uh, Sam, uh, what could possibly go wrong? Uh, so, um, so that's, uh, on Thursday between five 30 and seven 30, please bump into me at podcast movement and ask where the beer is and how you can buy me a glass, um, will be blended plan. Uh, but looking forward to that, but yeah, it's gonna be a very, very busy couple of days for me. And in case anyone didn't remember, James got married. So that's the reason to buy him lots and lots of beer. I hope that's. before you do your live presentation, not after I am doing a live appearance on stage on the Friday. So yeah, that's, uh, uh, things may be, things may be fun, but it is at midday. Um, and Adam Curry is on stage with me. So again, what's the worst that could happen. I'm tuning in for that. yes, that'll be fun. now, uh, trends., Edison research have shared some data suggesting that a quarter of all

podcasts I listened to between 6:

00 AM and 10:00 AM, is this replacing the radio traditional breakfast shows. Yeah. I mean, some of it, you know, clearly is if a quarter of all podcast listened to during breakfast radios, peak time between six and 10, then clearly podcasts are eating into, you know, radios, ear time, so to speak. Um, so you know, that data is interesting because we've never actually seen that data before. And if I was working in the radio business, I should be a bit worried because it's normally the breakfast show that keeps most radio stations up and running. And the fact that there is clearly a lot of podcast listening, supplanting radio in the morning, uh, is something that, um, you know, should be a bit of cause for concern. Yeah, a again, it, it it's all about attention and time. Isn't it? When, when will people fit, fitted in? I think we said over COVID that podcasting went down, which I thought was odd, but then I realized people weren't going on their commutes daily commutes, which is why, or when people were actually getting their podcast assumption in. So Yeah. I mean, I listen to most of, of, of the podcast that I, I listen to when I'm in the car doing supermarket runs and stuff like that. That's, uh, typically when I listen, uh, apart from, you know, walking the dog, I found that data, you know, really interesting. Um, as, as I say, it comes from medicine's, um, podcast metrics. Um, they have just released their, uh, top 50, most listened to podcasts in the United States and you, and you go, oh wow, this is gonna be very exciting. The difficulty with the data is that it's a year's worth of data. So you don't see very much change, very much move and you don't see, you know, um, shows that, that, um, appear and then disappear, uh, appearing in this, in this information, uh, that much, you know, the number one is still the Joe Rogan experience. The number two is still crime junkie with the daily at number three. It's always interesting reading that because it is the only, overall data that we have around podcast consumption. But, um, you know, but even, so it's a good piece of, uh, research and interviews, uh, an awful lot of, of, uh, people, uh, more than 8,000 people. So, um, you know, worth keeping an eye on Yeah on pod news, you actually now list the apple and the Spotify charts. The number one, uh, and I can tell you as a reader and I'm sure you know, for yourself, James, that very rarely if ever, I think once the Spotify number one has changed from Joe Rogan on the site, but every week, um, the apple number one that you present, um, is changing. And, uh, I think that's because the Spotify chart has worked differently to the apple chart. Um, and the apple, you know, thing is really, I is, is a trending chart specifically there to surface new shows. Uh, there was a piece in the New York post last week, uh, talking about the Chris Cuomo podcast and, you know, and saying that, um, you know, people had already stopped, listened, listening to it because it was, you know, going down the apple podcast charts. Well, that's not what the apple podcast charts measure. Uh, the apple podcast charts measures trending, podcasts not download. Um, so, you know, if, uh, journalists are confused about what the apple podcast chart is, then, you know, I'm sure that, uh, general. The public are as well. Um, and, um, you know, I mean, I keep on banging on that. Um, you know, it isn't a chart and really, they should just call it trending, but, uh, I, I won't win that battle. No now. Tom Webster, formerly of Edison research. Now with sounds profitable, also put out a post this week, which I thought was really interesting, uh, is podcast growth, really a case of three steps forward and two steps back. So I had a little read of that. And Tom was talking about the problem of churn. Um, he was saying that, yes, we keep seeing more people coming to podcasting, but we're also seeing a lot of people leaving it. And on the back of that Evo, uh, put out a report yesterday as well saying that the reason is he believes is that at the end of a podcast, let's say you've watched a really good PO or listen to a really good series. Um, it doesn't prompt you to go and get the next series. So you sort of get people in the front door. Great. We've spent a lot of time getting them there and then they listen to it. And then we don't as an industry. Get them into the next one where you were saying Netflix or Amazon prime at the end of a series will be selling you another series or giving you something else to watch or listen to. Um, but we don't seem to do that, which is why we get this churn problem. Yeah. And, uh, you know, Tom's really saying, you know, our is podcasting's growth three steps forward, and two steps back, you know, I is podcasts, uh, growth, really being hampered by the fact that, you know, we will put out these wonderful eight part shows. Um, and you listen to all eight parts and then you go, oh, well, there, there you go. That was that then. And you don't automatically get handed over to a different podcast that you might wanna have listened to. Um, and I think it's a real issue and something that, uh, I know that sounds profitable are going to be taking more of a look at, as they continue to, you know, do more bits of research. Um, they're doing a really interesting piece of, uh, research called after these messages, um, which is looking at, ad reads, looking at live reads and scripted reads and announcer reads, uh, in podcast advertising. They are debuting that. In the sounds profitable business summit next week at podcast movement. And that's free for anybody to go in and, uh, see. So I'm, uh, going to pop my head in for that and, uh, see what the data is. I think all of this research is really useful and really helpful, um, for us to understand what's going on in this industry. I mean, I know wonder do a really good job of cross promoting within their own podcasts, other podcasts coming up from themselves. And I remember talking to the guys of voice works, who part of their growth strategy was to go and find other podcasts that had similar audiences to the ones that they were launching and specifically advertised within them. So again, trying to stop this problem of people getting to the end of a series and going, oh, well I enjoyed that thriller, what else should I go and listen to? Oh, look, here's one from, you know, voice works or whatever. So it is a good stretch. You know, I know Lauren passel, uh, is very big on people, um, swapping their. Content into other people's podcasts as well. So maybe that's the, uh, problem. We don't do that as an industry enough, Um, Hey, we've got a new free podcast host coming. Haven't we? Another Yeah. It's well, welcome on board. Yes. listen notes, which I haven't used myself, uh, a paid podcast directory is to start its own free podcast. Host dubs, listen, host. Right. The service will require you to use your own custom domain and will not initially at least provide any analytics now. Um, again, what is listen hosts? I've never used them. I know that they, there was a Twitter stream this week that I was following or trying to follow, um, where people were quoting themselves to be number one or, uh, at the top. What is listen, hosts, James, put me outta my misery. So listen notes is a, podcast database, and you can buy it. And many people do if they want to launch their own podcast app, um, one of the things that, um, people can use listen notes for is to dive. uh, what shows exist? Um, what shows are about a particular, um, subject, uh, and all of that kind of stuff. So you can do, uh, a bunch of information in there and what this notes also does, is it guesses? Um, and frankly, that's all it is, but it guesses how many downloads particular shows are getting, , you basically ask it, okay, let's take a look at, uh, a podcast about podcasts, like, you know, pod land. Um, you can then dive into that particular page on the listen notes, directory, and, uh, guess what, we're a top 10% podcast in the world. Um, and we have a listen score of 28, whatever that means. Um, and it gives you a bunch of information and, uh, if you pay for it enough, a bunch of information about how many downloads that we're getting, uh, and, and all of that, which is basically made up and, um, not quite sure whether or not it's going to be true much like, um, uh, pod chaser and other, uh, tools end up doing. Um, so that's what listen notes is. What, what I find fascinating is that they're launching a podcast hosting platform., but it's a podcast hosting platform where you'll need your own domain name in order to use it, because they want to make sure that, you know, if, if their, uh, podcast host goes away, you know, you are not left high and dry. Um, and so therefore virtually nobody's going to use this and you don't get any analytics either because they haven't built that in. Why anybody would want to sign up if you are, if you are intelligent enough to register your own.com to fiddle around in the DNS, to change CNAs over to what you'll need to do this particular host? Well, I mean, why aren't you using, you know, something which is a little bit more robust than this random podcast host, which doesn't have any analytics. I don't really understand what the deal is there, but I'm sure that there's a good reason, um, as there always is. Maybe it's acquisition for email addresses, James. well, or maybe it is acquisition. I mean, that's another thing that people use listen notes for. They buy the data so that they can grab the email addresses and then they spam podcasters with it. Um, and uh, if you do that and you are grabbing pod newses, um, RSS feed, then, uh, not only do I know that you've done that, I know that you've done that from listen notes because the algorithmic email addresses that I produce, tell me who scraped the RSS feed in the first time. So. Hello, the wisdom app, whatever that is. Um, they, uh, claimed that I had signed up on their website. Well, I wouldn't have done with a random email address that I had, uh, algorithmically built. They've, uh, spammed me twice so far with an email address that they've got from the letter notes, directory., boo for them. Um, but that's another reason why somebody might want to end up spending some money, buying the, uh, data from, uh, this particular platform. Well, maybe it's time to accelerate still that verifying tag, um, from the podcast index that we talked about a couple of weeks ago. Right. Moving on. Um, I was quite excited this week. Um, pod V uh, announced that their pod V mobile app has integrated with Albi, so on the back of RSS and casts, um, it and just cast. Um, it's great to see. So I tried it and, um, you know, it's great. You can go in, you can set up your wallet. And I put in my Obi credentials, you go and listen to a podcast episode and you can boost, you know, I just wanna boost a thousand or 10,000 sat or in some cases, 50,000 sat. and you can do that very quickly or you can click the other alternative button and you can send a booster Graham. So really well done to the guys at pod verse, uh, another step forward for all of us. Yeah, I think so. And it's, it's always good. Seeing more, uh, Different apps integrating this kind of thing. It's great to see the new podcast name, space being used and, uh, you know, good work I reckon from everybody involved. And I think, you know, listening to the latest podcasting 2.0, uh, show, uh, which I was doing, uh, a couple of days ago. It's very clear that actually there, there is a bit of a turning point at the moment of lots of people now using the podcast name space now, you know, pushing forward with a lot of the, you know, hard work, which has gone on here. Um, and I think it's, you know, it's a really exciting, uh, time, I think, particularly exciting, um, to see Adam and Dave speaking at podcast movement next week. I'm hoping that that's gonna be a pretty full session, um, where, um, Adam will say three things and then Dave has, um, I believe 47 slides. Uh, so that's gonna be fun. Um, so, uh, you know, but, um, I think it's really, you know, it's time is now and, um, I'm looking forward and hoping that, um, apple takes note of this and starts incorporating some, um, individual specifications into, uh, their app. Um, and, uh, who knows, maybe we'll even get, uh, Spotify on board. It'll be interesting to hear what your thoughts are about who was in that room and more importantly, who wasn't in that room. Uh, obviously, you know, the, the people involved from Spotify and apple and other big players, um, cuz when Mike Minno came on, I mean I think the most disappointing part for me was that he'd never heard of the podcast index and here's a guy who'd built anchor. So, you know, will some of the guys from the bigger corporates even know who Adam and Dave are and what the podcast index is. Certainly from my point of view, I'm very aware that apple, uh, know a lot about the podcast, uh, the new podcast name space, um, and that, uh, apple are certainly watching it. There are various entertaining hurdles that you need to get over in order to get apple to do anything. But I do know that they are, you know, watching this very, very carefully. Um, the thing that, you know, continually. Disappoints me is some of the larger podcast apps, whether that's good pods, whether that's PocketCasts, whether that's overcast, not really integrating an awful lot of the new features from the new podcast namespace., the more that we could do to get those people, implementing some of these, uh, features, and it might not be value for value. Absolutely. But it may well be other things like, uh, you know, transcripts and, uh, alternate enclosures and other things. Um, the more of those people that implement them the better so far as I'm concerned.. Uh, let's move on to some more techy stuff. I'm afraid. Um, well, I'm not afraid I enjoyed this part, but other people may be tuning out to the next chapter. Um, who knows now, uh, the podcast index has more than 4.1 million podcasts in its index. Um, but aren't many of them abandoned shows not listed in other directories. It seems not. There's an automated removal process within the database. So anything that's over 90 days after its birth, um, and has at least two episodes and one which is longer than three minutes. Um, yeah, there are those people out there that say that the reason why the podcast index has 4.1 million, uh, podcast in there is that there's a lot of crap in there. Um, that, I mean, that may still be true, but it's certainly not, um, some of the test podcasts and some of those, you know, one show and done, um, uh, uh, streams that you might have, have expected there to be. So, um, you know, I thought that was interesting and, um, quite positive news, so good to end up seeing that, um, Dave is, um, has, has worked on a, on a plan there, um, to make sure that the podcast index isn't just full of non nonsense, which slows everything down for everybody. Moving on James. I came across a website this week. It was called podcast, namespace.org. Um, anything to do with you, mate? Yes, it's mine. Um, so hang on. Wait. No, no, no, no. Wait, have you checked with Adam and Dave? They haven't got the trademark, cuz that sounds spec suspiciously. Like one of their names, you know, I don't wanna get you in trouble. Yes, no. So podcast index.org is theirs and it is the full index, uh, podcast, namespace.org. The idea behind that is that is the place where you can point people towards, um, the specs for the new podcast name space, but also examples. Um, who's, who's supporting it, all of that kind of information and really, uh, I've started doing it because nobody else was, and it was really difficult to share with people. What, you know, how does the podcast funding tag work, uh, really difficult to end up sharing people without diving into a Mira of GitHub, repositories and everything else. And so the idea behind it, and it's not, um, it's not done yet, but the idea behind it is to make it a really clear straightforward site. Which is there, which just basically explains if you're a developer, how to do this stuff. And if you're somebody who is interested in it, well, what podcast apps exist? What do they look like? How does the, the UX patterns work? What's the best practice here, you know, and so on and so forth. And so that's the plan for podcast namespace.org. Uh, it's cost me a whole$15 for the domain. Um, and , that's basically that. And anybody can take part, uh, please do. Um, uh, the whole thing is on, uh, GI Harn is, and is open. Uh, and it would just be a really good thing, I think, to point people to, um, you know, how each individual tag works., are you going to provide a grid reference to the hosts and what they support within the podcast name space on that site? Yeah. So there is a little bit of that that exists already on the podcast index, um, uh, website, new podcast apps.com will get there . And that will actually show you for example, who supports this particular tag, on this particular podcast host. So it will do all of that stuff for you. What I'm trying to do with podcast namespace.org is to highlight some of the big ones, uh, and make it really clear. So buzz sprout, for example, supports the podcast funding tag. They sponsor us, but also rss.com do power press by blueberry and transistor. Those are some of the large podcast hosts who are supporting it. And some are large podcast apps supporting it, include podcast addicts and antenna, PODD, um, and six iOS apps. So really trying to be there, not trying to include everybody because that doesn't necessarily help, but trying to show, look, this is a big deal. This is why you should be working on this particular tag and, uh, all of the people who are supporting this particular tag so far. Brilliant. Well done, James. Uh, let's see how that evolves over the coming weeks months. Indeed, it'll be fun to have a look at. Uh, one of the things that the podcast index website did do, and I saw was that they've enabled it so that when you search on the podcast index.org site for a podcast, such as pod land, uh, it's integrated booster grabs into the UI so that you can actually listen to the podcast and send a booster Graham. Now, I thought that was great. And I thought other website podcast website should use that. I haven't looked into it yet. Um, but it's done by, uh, Steven Bell, uh, who also works on cur caster as well. Um, and, um, it looks to have, uh, it looks to be a pretty cool piece of, uh, data. What I'm basically going to do is I'm going to, um, get it into the pod news website. if you are running, um, a, uh, plugin like, uh, GA Albi or similar, um, that allows you to send, you know, a booster Graham, uh, uh, through, um, and I think that that's, um, you know, relatively easily done. I just need to kind of understand some of the code, uh, behind it, but I, by the looks of things, it's not gonna be the world's most complicated thing. So, um, yeah, I think you should be, uh, fun to do. Now talking of working on things, you have been busy. Um, if you host, you've said with am Amazon cloud front, you can now turn on HTTP three support, which can deliver files faster. And it seems you've done that already. James. Yes. I mean, I've done that for all of, um, the pod news website and the podcast and everything else. HTTP three is basically just a quicker way of delivering encrypted, website pages and stuff like that. It normally shaves about 10% off, , the loading time. So it's well worthwhile doing, um, it's better for the internet because, uh, you use less bandwidth and, uh, and everything else. So, um, if you are hosting with, uh, Amazon cloud front, as many people do it is literally one. Box. So there's no real additional work, but you do need to turn it on. And, uh, turning on HGTP three support is probably a good thing it's supported by, you know, everything from Chrome to safari to Firefox and everything else. So, uh, worthwhile taking a peek at, uh, which is nice. Also worthwhile spending a little bit of time on, uh, is, um, getting podcast apps ready for iOS 16, which finally allows you to get rid of apple core media as your user agent in certain circumstances, and allows you to set your own user agent. Uh, it's a thing called AV URL, asset HTTP, user agent key, which is a, a very nice short, uh, and snappy name. Um, they've just been fixing a couple of little bugs with that. Um, and John Spurlock, of course, because he would, wouldn't he, uh, as posted code showing podcast app developers, how to set their user agent correctly, uh, using that. um, but it would be a very good thing for people to be up updating their podcast apps, uh, as soon as they can possibly, uh, end up, uh, doing that. Um, so, um, yes, that will be a good thing. Um, so Tasha's stream is working on a web version, so they're getting rid of the, uh, rather peculiar thing of using telegram and stuff to maintain your podcast, if you want value for value using that service. Uh, so looking forward to that, um, blueberry has done something cool, uh, as well, haven't they, in fact, blueberry is in the middle of a, of an incredible, um, uh, month of, uh, new releases. Go on, you know, you want to do it, give me that impression. I was waiting for the Todd impression. That was what we, everyone waits for that every week now, Oh, I see. come on. I see. Oh, I see. Well, I, I, I, wasn't gonna go into the, into the Todd impression, but get your own.com. Um, I'm try, I'm trying to get him onto this show in a couple of weeks time. So , they may or may not be a good plan, but anyway, that's right, Todd. Um, but yes, blueberry have, uh, yes. They've partnered with your mates at descript. Um, they've allowed, uh, descript users to publish their edited podcasts directly, uh, from the descript app. Haven't they? Yeah. It's just another, another one of the hosts that are doing it. Buzz sprout. Of course, do it. Captivate, castoffs. Hello, audio Podbean, podcast.co transistor. So look, it's a great way of doing it. And in fact, Bre also allowed your friends at Hindenburg as well, uh, to publish directly. So again, look removing some of the workflow steps that we all have to do to publish our podcast is all gonna be good news. It's all gonna be good news. Blueberry is also today unveiled away to, um, earn money through programmatic advertising for all of its hosting customers. Uh, so you don't need any minimum downloads. You don't need any minimum audience figures. You can just sign up. Um, it's through a company called sound stack. Um, so there've been, um, promoting this for quite some time and launched it today. I believe it's a pre-roll so you'll just hear a little pre-roll before you hear the, uh, the show itself, um, which is quite nice and, Blueberry R um, or, or Todd certainly is, um, uh, trailing a very big announcement from the company on Monday. He's saying how exciting it is. He won't even tell me what it is yet. Um, but, uh, it comes out on Monday. Um, it does sound as if he only wants to announce it on Monday, if the texts have got everything right. So not quite sure what that's going to be, but anyway, um, expect a big announcement from blueberry on, uh, Monday, uh, timed for podcast movement. As many of these things are Well, I, I wait with bated breath now, um, talking of ads and, and pre-rolls, um, it turns out that apple, it says here might be adding adverts to apple podcasts. That would be a big announcement in itself. Wouldn't it, James. It would be, yes. Uh, it's according to an interview, um, with Todd TEI, who is Apple's advertising VP, I, I am also told it wasn't an interview and I'm told that I should basically ignore it. So, um, I, I have a feeling that it probably isn't entirely correct. Um, and that it's, somebody had asked Technica making a few assumptions up from something that Todd may have said at some point in time. But yes, nobody wants ads within the apple podcast app. And I'm. Pretty convinced that that's not going to happen. Uh, apple TV plus though have, uh, signed a deal with Futura media to make original podcasts, uh, which is, uh, nice., it sounds as if what they're doing basically is that they are making shows, which are podcast first. And if the podcasts do well, then they'll make them into apple TV plus shows, uh, for the Telli, um, which is a very, um, tried and tested plan these days. So interesting seeing apple doing that and apple podcast has also been interviewing people they've, uh, recently interviewed Jack recit. Who's the person behind Dar net diaries and, uh, he's earning handsomely from selling paid subscriptions on the apple podcasts platform. I was more interested cause I don't listen to the dark net diaries, but I was more interested that actually the subscriber model is working and it will only get bigger and better because, one of the question marks around subscriptions has always been well. Can you get rid of advertising and can you do a subscription only model? Um, well, you know, $11,000 a month, that's a decent chunk of money and it's only gonna get bigger for Jack. Indeed. No, and it's a great show as well. I've listened to, uh, a few of them and it's a really nice show really well put together. So, uh, one of the other things that Jack does is that he shares a ton of his data, uh, on his own, uh, blog, uh, as well, which I've occasionally linked to. Uh, so he's very, very open at how things work. So, uh, well done him. Now other bits of quick news, uh, sniped, a podcast app that uses AI to transcribe content and synchronize with note taking apps, it's had an upgrade. It now produces podcast highlights in a personalized feed. Yeah. I think what they're doing there is that they are pulling bits of shows and, um, and basically playing them in a kind of TikTok, like, uh, feed. Um, I, I guess there's questions around whether that's a transformative work or not in terms of copyright. Um, I would argue probably is. Um, but nevertheless, uh, that's what they're, um, currently working on. Um, and it looks quite fun. Transistor is now supporting timestamps in their podcast player and their episode pages, um, which is, uh, quite neat. Buzz sprout has been supporting that for a while. We are sponsored by buzz Brad, uh, jam street. Media has announced a number of new consulting partnerships, uh, which is good pod pay. Invest is a new crowdfunding website aimed at podcasters. Not quite sure what they are, not quite sure what they're doing. Um, but it looked interesting and talking about crowdfunding and money, uh, Ord friend of the show, uh, they have raised two and a half million quid, which is 3 million us dollars in funding. Uh, they're a UK based podcast publisher, of course. Uh, and they're doing pretty well. Mm, well done to Audi now. Uh, in the UK Acast has produced a number of cross branded shows, promoting the national laies good causes. And also podcast hosts, uh, that use Acast can now add another free show to their accounts. So, you know, they are doing some great stuff, they are, and they've stopped doing the naughty stuff. So as far as I'm concerned, I am, uh, friends with Acast. Um, uh, I, I felt very bad having to turn down. They invited me to a dinner podcast movement. I felt very bad having to turn it down cause I've got something else on that time. Um, but uh, I was there going, oh, I'm turning it down, but I'm not turning it down because I hate you. I'm turning it down because you know, uh, and all of that. But, uh, yes. So, um, uh, AKAs doing some interesting stuff, right? Guess what? It's time for. Booster Graham corner. It is indeed. Uh, we've received a ton of boosts,, and we've received a big baller boost. Uh haven't. We. Indeed Adam cur sent 50,000 sites. Congratulations. Thank you, Adam. He says a booster Graham equal to a guest slot payment in Bitcoin world. Yes. He sent us 50,000 SATs instead of $50,000. But, uh, you know, if, if only if only had sold that helicopter sooner, he'd be able to afford $50,000 for us. Um, but, uh, thank you so much. Uh, Adam, that's very kind and I'm looking forward to meeting Adam, uh, next week at, uh, podcast movement, uh, 500 SATs from M McAllen, uh, who, uh, says little known fact Evo Tara's real name. Uh, Evo was on the show last week. Evo Tara's real name is Augusta's winter bottom. He says it, it is a little known fact because it's not true. Uh, Evo Tara's real name is Travis UNW. It turns out from Wikipedia either that's Evo, um, having a joke or that really ISO's real name. Um, but, uh, but, uh, there we are, uh, M McAllen. Uh, thank you very much for that. Now we received 8, 8, 8 SATs from the old podcast. Uh, I like a boost when James does impressions of the podcast industry. Fake James, do another one, please, but let's get a boost. That's right Todd And also because James has made his calendar available for anyone to meet him at podcast movement. While I would say old podcast, it might be full by now. Yes, it is. Uh, and Sam gets half cuz he seems cool. Thank you. uh, I get half, I dunno why I get half actually. James does all the work as we're about to find out. So, um, yes, I, I get half for whatever reason, but thank you to James for letting me half half of it. You do a lot of work. Um, and he's given us 8, 8, 8, because it looks like snowmen. And I guess it's winter in Australia. It is winter, but, uh, we don't get snow here. Uh, but thank you very much. And he sent another eight sat for my wedding, uh, which is very kind, uh, excellent. Don't spend it all at once. James. Yeah, that'll buy me virtually nothing, but thank you very much. Uh, Dave Jones has sent us a big rush boost saying Steven Bell is the wonderful developer that added boost support to the podcast index site. He did. Uh, so thank you for that. Uh, Dave, um, we've received 5,000 sets here. Uh, Sam. Yeah, me testing out the podcast index, uh, booster grams. Uh, it did work. I said, hi, James, did this work clearly? It did. Uh, let's move on from that, uh, 1000 SATs from Mitch who says, hello, James and Sam. This is a test Posto ground from pod verse mobile. If you see any bugs with it, please let me know. Uh, no bugs there. Uh, thank you, Mitch. Uh, that's very kind and Kyron from the mayor. Mortals podcast, um, has sent, uh, one trouble three seven, which is elite, um, boost or a big elite boost. He says your guest hosts always fit it nicely. I'll be getting worried if I was Sam. No, no, no. I am. No, not at all. Uh, we kind have Eva doing it every week. He might say things, uh, he says, I've been thinking the same, James I'll put saying, oh yes, this was me talking about the, uh, the Brisbane podcasters group. Um, which is a bit more abundant. He said, I will put some effort into kicking the group off again next month when it starts getting warmer, again, less than 20 degrees, centigrade is unacceptable. It is it's bloody cold. Uh, so thank you, Karin. Uh, that's uh, good of you and yes, we should get the Brisbane podcast group, um, up and running again, cuz it was fun. Um, so thank you to, um, All of those people, who've boosted us and also Siah podcasts. Uh who've who has given us, uh, 50 sets. Uh, if you do get value outta this, uh, show, um, then, uh, half of it comes to me and half of it goes to Sam that's how podcast, uh, splits work. So if you want to send us a boost to Graham, then go find yourself a decent podcast app. Uh, the fountain one is, uh, pretty good to get started and, um, hit that boost button and away you go, That's right. Moving on to event corner quickly then, um, coming up in London on October the fifth is the publisher podcast summit. Um, and again, if you want to get a discount code for that, you can use the code, a pod news 15 to save yourself 15%. Yes. Uh, the finalists have also been announced for Todd Cochran's people's choice, podcast awards. It's the 17th annual awards. Uh, I was a finalist, uh, last year. Didn't win. Didn't bother entering at this time around. Uh, the winners will be announced on September the 30th, which of course is international podcast day. So worthwhile looking out for that And the podcasting hosting company transistor is also just in time for podcast movement, shared some tips and tricks for what to do when you go there. Yes in talking about tips and tricks. Um, I put, uh, tips and tricks into pod news, um, every day or every other day, uh, every most days. And, uh, in case you don't get pod news, then you have missed things like the five most common podcast launch mistakes. Uh, Matt, Degan writing a piece on why hasn't my podcast got many listen. Uh, , which is a very, uh, click Basey title. Well done, Matt, uh, how do you get started with programmatic advertising on your podcast? Brian, by lesser from sounds profitable last week wrote a really good guide. Everything you need to know, uh, to earn money. Of course, it's already out of date with the announcement from blueberry today, but still there we go. Uh, it's worth a look. It sounds profitable. Dot com has released a canvas template to help you design a nice looking media kit, um, which is a good tip for you to know about. And the podcast host have covered how to negotiate fair rates for podcast editors. Um, so if you are interested in those, uh, things, then you should be getting, uh, pod news. Um, it's free@podnews.net, or you can have a look in the show notes of this here podcast. So what's been happening for you this week in a pod land, Sam. Well, the first thing I have to say, James is congratulations to you on getting married. I think it's a official that I can say here now. Um, Yes, I, but I think it's very sad that you're taking your wife to Dallas for the honeymoon. I mean, that's, that's a bit cheap. she is. She is not coming to Dallas. Can you imagine here, honey, what I've decided I'm going to do is I'm going to take you to a conference of something that you have no interest in. Uh, and, uh, you can stay in the hotel room. Uh, yes, no, that's not gonna happen, but, uh, thank you very much. Uh, Italy was nice then. Was it, uh, did you find some nice, uh, grape based, uh, fruit drinks? Yes. Yeah, we, we, we downed a few, uh, reds and whites. That was very nice. And, uh, and sadly I'm not in Dallas because, uh, I'll be divorced if I was, um, I'm off for another week, uh, to the sunnier climbs of Cornel. Yes. Well, there'll be a special show next week from the podcast movement, uh, experience in, uh, Dallas. Not quite sure what's gonna be in the show yet. Um, but we will, uh, find out. Um, so yeah, looking forward to that. And what's been happening for you, James in Poland this week. well, I mean, I've been basically going through my email trying to tame it because my goodness, me, um, what happens when you're busy showing family and friends round, uh, uh, Brisbane is it's very difficult to get anything else done. Uh, so that's been fun. Uh, one of the nice things that I, uh, spotted was a Frank Rich choppy who posted a list of people. He considers to be thought leaders in podcasting. Sorry, you weren't there. Um, uh, Sam, but, uh, it randomly, knows who I am. It's okay. so randomly. I was so thank you, Frank, for that, um, much appreciated. And that's it for this week. If you like this episode of pod land, you should tell others to visit and subscribe wherever you listen to podcast, we'll be back next week with another review and analysis of all things podcast. and you also found all our previous shows and interviews on our website, pod land.news. You can give us feedback using a booster Graham, or you can email us if you really want to comments, pod, land.news. nobody bothers. Uh, if you want daily news, you should get pod news. The newsletters free@podnews.net. The podcast can be found in your podcast app and all the stories we've discussed on pod land today, or in the show notes. We use chapters and too Our music is from a ignite jingles, and we're hosted and sponsored by our very good friends, bus, sprout, and squad. And we've announced it several times at the beginning. So hopefully the FSA and the FTC won't be coming after us. indeed. We hope anyway. And keep listening.

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