Podnews Weekly Review

Podnews buys Podcast Business Journal. Kids Listen releases survey on kids podcasts. New 'Podroll' tag is rolled out on Podnews. Podcast Guru is LIT.

April 14, 2023 Season 2 Episode 21
Podnews Weekly Review
Podnews buys Podcast Business Journal. Kids Listen releases survey on kids podcasts. New 'Podroll' tag is rolled out on Podnews. Podcast Guru is LIT.
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Special Guest: Sanden Totten, Kids Listen


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It's Friday, the 14th of April 2023. I'm James Cridland, the editor of Pod News And I'm Sam Smith, the CEO of Pot Fans. in the chapters today. James, by something you are, that's me. Elon Musk gets interviewed by the BBC fanzine and podcast guru are going live and search for a good edge to recommend a pod row. Can't wait for that one. And I'm San and Totten from Kids. Listen. And later, I'll be talking about kids podcasts. he will. This podcast is sponsored and hosted by Buzz Brown last week, 4602 people started a podcast with Buzz Sprout podcast hosting made easy with powerful tools and remarkable customer support. Now you can turn your listeners into supporters. As with buzz about subscriptions, you can try us for size at weekly Dot Pod News dot net. So let's kick this off, James. Did you find some loose change buying just so for this week, James, I needed more than that. you broke into your daughter's piggy bank. What have you done? James? You've gone and bought something. Mid-life crisis or value for value. Well, you know, I mean, I very nearly bought an electric car a couple of months ago, but that was vetoed. So instead I went and bought a podcast newsletter, which is very exciting. Congratulations. Yes. So Pod News Acquired Podcast Business Journal, which you'll find a podcast business journal dot com and yeah, really, really excited by that So give us a bit more detail. Why did you do this? What's it going to deliver? well. So it'll allow us the POD news network to focus on the business of podcasting. I think one of the things that I do and I send an email to everybody that subscribes and it's a very plaintive email of why did you unsubscribe? And a lot of the emails that I It's get painful, isn't it? When they unsubscribe. you've It's so hurt painful. me. Why have you unsubscribed? And a lot of the emails that come back basically say, you know, love it, but too much email too much in each email and too two too many emails. I can't deal with a daily email and that's absolutely fair. I think so. Making podcast business Journal a place to just cover the business of podcasting, making that a weekly newsletter, not a daily newsletter. That means that we can focus on that for people that just care about the business side and not throw I'm everything not. else on there. Obviously, POD news continues, but the Podcast Business Journal will be really focusing, as the name says, on the business of podcasting, and that's a good thing. And when does it come out? What's the dates? Well, so it'll come out on Friday. So that's today you can subscribe. Our podcast business journal dot com and what you'll see in there is in-depth interviews with podcast business leaders. Some of those interviews, just as a heads up you may have heard in this podcast, but many of them you won't have done. And it'll also carry an overview of the week's podcast business headlines. It'll carry podcast data in there as well. And, you know, so really taking what Podcast Business Journal started, it started in 2018. It was run by Streamline Publishing, which is a publishing house which also deals in TV and radio titles. I've read radio ink for many, many years. And what I found really interesting, I actually got the full list on Monday of subscribers. And what I found really interesting is that there isn't that big an overlap in the readers between Pod news and the Podcast Business Journal. Very much more us focused, as you would expect. But yeah, I found that really interesting. So it'll be I'm quite fascinated to see how the first email out of that term goes. Well, congratulations. And yes, I'm looking forward to my first edition on Friday. Yes. Hurrah. That'll be a good thing. no sleep for the wicked there, James. Keep going. Now, moving on. Yeah, Do you remember them? Rob Lowe and Thorn? I do. Yes. good news. Spotify is Megaphone has announced the launch of this new broadcaster podcast, which is fundamentally Rob Leventhal wish to be rebadged and renamed. And yeah, it's launched as a new service Yeah. on megaphone. And so basically what it does is it takes your broadcast content, turns that into podcasts automatically. It's already being used by Fox News. So there's a fair and balanced example, but there are all kinds of other people who, of course, could be using it. And this is a great way for radio broadcasters to understand, you know, how they can be using podcasting and all of that stuff as we record. They haven't quite launched this. So there is a blog post that we are waiting on, which is still for offering at the moment. So is that phrase for offering? I think it should be, It is now. yeah. But yeah, it looks certainly, you know, very, very interesting and you know, and they're very open. You know, they acquired work for it's broadcast to podcast technology and today is the day when they launch it. So yeah, very exciting. Yeah there's been well you know and several people may know that obviously I used it when I had river radio and we successfully took our live feed, put it through WeChat and they put it in to a schedule and therefore they could then work out our real time RTP feed and then convert that into Apple, Spotify and Google. Yeah. It didn't allow you to go to any other directories, but it worked very well. Yeah. And one would assume that they have at least had a look at the lit tag and understood what the benefits of that are for radio. If they haven't, then they should probably take a look at that I don't think they will, James. if you're following a particular show, if you're following the morning show, for example, allows you to get a notification when that morning show goes live. So that would make a ton of sense. But even if they haven't, you know, good to see from, you know, with my radio hat on. And I've spent the morning working at a radio company. You know, it's nice to see Spotify doing a little bit of work that will help the radio industry reach new audiences. Yeah, I think there's going to have to be a third party who does a competing service to this because I can't see. Why would Spotify want to support the podcast index? I mean that would be the first crack in, in coming over to the other side and I can't see that ever happening. Can you? Well, yeah, maybe not. And but you know that I mean, they've got the live functionality built into the Spotify app. So there's a theory that they might be able to do that sort of thing. But yes, I would agree it's probably not going to happen any time soon. But if they were clever that they would they would stick it in. But it'll be, you know, good to find out who ends up using that. You know, Fox News Radio or Fox News audio is one of those services using that. But it'll be interesting to see how many more people and of course, you know, since they've had a year and a half of not having that particular service, you know, Will busker don't necessarily have any clients who they can copy over onto this new new platform anymore. So yeah, so it'll be interesting to see who else takes Spotify up on this. Well, I'm going to reach out to Rob and see if he'll come on next week and give us a little chat about Yeah, it. good luck. I know he's a lovely boy. He'll do it, I'm sure, he says. Fingers crossed. Now, moving on swiftly, Apple have launched a book club with Lee Minardi. James, tell me more. Yes, it's an a kind of an audio book club. The So are media and Apple Books are working together to select audio books and quote, foster conversations about them across Lemonade's podcast network. My understanding of what that really means is that means that lemonade, as podcasts will include mentions of the Lemonade Book Club and they'll be, you know, on the various podcasts that you listen to will be talking about those particular books. But there may be a little bit more than that because I think, you know, I think Jessica Cordova Cramer, the CEO of Lemonade here, is is talking about a little bit more than there is. And she Yeah, She's talking about creating community curated content, which I fully agree with. I think that's wonderful. I can't quite see how this is going to build on chat and community around the content. I mean, have they built something new that we don't know of? yeah, I would I'm not entirely convinced that they have. I think it's just a cross-promotional opportunity. But if they've built something new, then great. You know, looking forward to end up seeing that. But I think certainly audiobooks is really interesting. It's certainly a it's a growing part of the industry and for Lemonade to be working with Apple is a pretty big deal. Just as a little hint and tip, if you go and download the app called Libby Ally Y, then you can probably grab an awful lot of audiobooks for free from your local library. It's a great app. It's got magazines in there as well and all kinds of stuff. I recommend it to everybody just because it's free and your library, you know, needs people to use it. So certainly worth worth a peek at that. But yeah, you know, audiobooks are a good thing. And interesting that Apple is working with a podcast company to help them push that a little bit more. Is it one of Apple's subscribed channels? Because I can't see what's in it for Apple. I think it's not one of Apple's subscribe channels, I think. But you do end up paying for individual books, of course, through Apple Books. This isn't an Apple Podcasts thing so far as I understand. It's an Apple Books thing. And so essentially it's an it's an opportunity to flog you more books that you've heard about in the Lemonade Media podcast catalog. Oh, okay. I'll let you do the next part. James. Yeah, well, you want me to sing Baby Shark, sir? Yeah, but I'm not going to. But I did enjoy yesterday. Starting starting the Pod news daily, which you'll find in your favorite podcast app and in Spotify by Doo doo doo doo doo doo. The latest from our free daily newsletter called News Dot next. But yes, Baby Shark has launched exclusive shows on Apple Podcasts. So these are exclusive shows on Apple Podcasts. You can't get them unless you are using Apple Podcasts and unless you pay for them. Owners Pink Thong have launched a set of shows. They're available in English and also in Korean. Um, and yeah, interesting seeing Apple doing more exclusive premium content. That's of course not content that Apple themselves have signed, but it's exclusive premium content because it's only available as a paid for service on the Apple Podcasts platform. And of course Tim Apple gets 30% of the of the baby shark's money. know, Nasty man, Nasty Matt Now Kids podcast research. Tell me more about this. Yeah yeah. Well you know because there's a bunch of information coming out around kids podcasts and that sort of area so not just the baby shark stuff. Yesterday APM has a bunch of kids and family shows that are available in this thing that they announced a couple of days ago, called the photo player. And the photo player is this fancy sort of screen free player for kids where you've got little paper cards and you put into a device and then that starts playing, which sounds like a fab thing, but then you've got a bunch of kids podcast research. A company called Kids Listen has released some data showing that kids podcasts are tremendously popular. Who knew while they did obviously of kids that use podcasts, nearly half of them listen every day. The data says. I mean, that's massive and they're good places for advertising, too. According to the study, the research is called Kids Podcasts in the Age of Screens. It came out yesterday and I spoke to one of the study's authors, Sanden Totten, and started by asking him who kids listen. Was, So Kids Listen is a nonprofit kind of grassroots organization. We're sort of like the D.I.Y. indie band, indie record label of podcasting. We're a bunch of kids podcasters who kind of realized that our genre was just not getting the attention it deserved. So rather than begging for water and fertilizer, we decided to, you know, tell our own garden. And we created this organization where a bunch of podcasters get together and we hop on a slack and we've got, you know, dozens and dozens of members and we share tips, tricks, and we do some ambitious things. So we've done some webinars where we teach each other skills. We've created an app and recently we released a really big study that kind of looks at the state of kids podcasting. well, well, let's talk about that. It's called Kids Podcasts in the age of screens and the first thing that really comes out of that research is how often kids listen to podcasts. Oh, yeah. I mean, this Yeah. was a surprising number and I think those of us in the kids podcasting industry maybe kind of saw it and didn't think much of it. And then I showed it to some other people and they were like, No, that's really high. So what we found was that nearly two thirds of the listeners we surveyed were listening at least three times a week. So that means that three or more, almost half were listening daily. So I think what So this I think shows you and the way we've interpreted it is that that kids podcasts have really become part of like family routines were really kind of a daily thing. The study we released before this actually. one actually, we asked people to say, What hours are you listening to podcasts? And there was a huge spike in the morning. Another one around Hmm,


00 and then one right around bedtime. And it was pretty obvious just what was going on was on your way to school, on your way home from school, and then right before bed. And so I think that just goes to show you that the way families are using these podcasts is kind of unique. It's sort of a it's part of your daily rhythm in a way that I don't know if grownups and their podcast habits are quite the same. yeah. And so and so nearly half of kids who listen to podcasts tune in on a daily basis. How many kids listen to podcasts? I wish I could give you the exact number there. That's something that our survey couldn't look at. We could only survey people who are already listening to podcasts. Are podcasts from Sure. the kids Listen membership. But one day we would But love one to have thing a bigger survey of like what percentage of the market this is, and even more so. I'd love to know how much room is there to grow, like how many families that would fit the bill of kids podcasting families are there that haven't found it yet. now, one one of the things that when we talk about podcasts, we always talk about trust and the fact that it's a very trusted medium. If you're playing the drinking game, then that's a drink for you right now. But kids podcasts do really well in terms of being a trusted media to recommend to others, don't they? Yeah, so this was something Yeah, we were really excited to find out about. We wanted to kind of see, you know, when you hear your cast for mattress and your Bombas Socks ads on a lot of podcasts and I think, you know, here's another drink for the drinking game. But there's that intimacy that really makes those ads Major stand out. But I think with kids podcasts especially, you know, this is a place where parents who are coming to kids podcast, they're a little wary. You know, we got to protect our audience from certain ads or some things that you would put on, you know, a true crime podcast as a programmatic ad that you would never put on a kid's podcast. And because of that, we spent a lot of time really curating the voices, the ads that you hear on the podcasts. And I think it paid off because what we saw Mm was that when we surveyed like audiences about a bunch of different kind of potential places, they might see ads related to a family. So, you know, parent influencers, family bloggers, you know, magazines for parents. Out of all of those kids, podcasts were the most trusted. So people who heard our ads and would see, you know, recommendations from us would say that that's probably more legit than any of the other places that we surveyed for. So that's that's a pretty big win. And it shows that we've done a really good job showing, hey, you know, we're a place Well, you can trust. We've we've catered to our audience and they believe that we're sending them good stuff, so how does monetization work in terms of kids podcasts? Because obviously there's a certain amount of, you know, I've listened to Wow in the world and there they're saying, you know, and here's a message for your parents or you know, for grown ups or however it says it is, it's still advertising funded or are you leaning more heavily you on things like a subscription model or that kind of thing? know? So the silver bullet here is I'm just kidding. There's no silver bullet, you know, I mean, aside from It's like just, you know, praying that you get a generous foundation to sponsor your entire show, I think show. it's going to be it's sort of like try everything approach. And honestly, this is somewhere that kids podcasts have really kind of struggled. Hmm. You know, we're not going to tell your listeners, our listeners are not going to say, you know, go to your parents wallet, take out the credit card and, you know, and kids, they don't have that purse string. So you're really talking to the parents. Yeah. And, you know, sometimes we do know there's a huge amount of listening. So parents are listening with their kids in the car, you know, or maybe at dinner or after dinner doing the dishes, whatever. But, you know, they might not be paying close attention to when we ask for subscription, as their kids might. So there's a lot of different things you got to try, and it's going to vary depending on the podcast. Some are focusing on ads, some do a Patreon or subscription model, a lot Hmm. of us have been turning to trying live events and, you know, going out in the world and hosting events where families can meet together and selling tickets to those. Some are doing merch. It's it's a it's a whole gamut of things. I don't know if you just saw the news, but Baby Shark is coming out with a podcast soon that will be Oh, stuck yes. in all our heads and they're going to do a paywall. So, you know, there's a bunch of different responses to this question, monetization. But I mean, honestly, that's, I think, the big nut to crack now that, you know, we've really done this research and looked at, okay, here's the audience, here's how they behave. They're different, they're unique. I think the next big thing is like, how do we support these podcasts in ways that will keep all these brilliant creators out there, you know, housed and fed so they can make these shows? Yeah. I find it really interesting. And, you know, I mean, it's been a big week for kids podcasts because what with baby Shark and also APM getting some of their shows and some of your shows onto on to other screen, less players and various other things. You know, it's been really interesting seeing a lot of focus being given onto the kids podcasts. I'm also fascinated at the overseas element of kids podcasts as well, where in some countries it's legal to advertise within kids media and in some other countries. You know, there there are other rules and regulations as well. And I find the whole thing is fascinatingly different from ordinary from ordinary shows. One question I am going to ask you, though, is about growth for this space. Um, are you seeing is the room for kids podcasts to continue growing? Yeah, I Yeah. mean, we I mean, I think that's the biggest I guess, the reason that so much energy is coming into this. You mentioned, you know, APM. You know, I work for American Public Media. I do brains on Smash, Invest in a bunch of shows. We got recently on to Kyoto, you know, which is, you know, one of the screen free sort of podcast players. I'm The exciting excited thing about it, I think, about, is that we're constantly finding new audiences that would like the kind of content we make, like like the folks who use YOLO but haven't discovered our podcasts or podcasts in general yet. And I think the thing that kids podcasts offer that that really makes me believe there's a lot of growth here is that like we can do something no other medium can. You know, when you're you in the car, know. you can't watch TV. I mean, you could try, but, you know, kids get road sick. Parents, you know, can't be paying attention to the screen and the kid at the same time, you know, And the same MM goes for I think you know we got long road trips are a really great use case for us bedtime when you need to wind down. It's really hard to hmm. do that when you're staring at a screen. And we know that Mm hmm. the light from that alone can affect your sleep. But podcasts are great Hm. in that space too. So I think there's a lot of things podcasts can do really well that no one else can really do. And because of that, Yeah, I could see every family finding a use for us. So I think there's a lot of room to grow. But getting the word out and telling the same person who's listening to, you know, the Daily or my favorite murder, that, you know, when they have a kid, they can also listen to a podcast for kids. That's the challenge. You know, I just don't think every parent out there who uses these these wonderful So. shows for themselves realize that there's one's just as great for their kids. Mm hmm. So where can we find out more about kids? Listen. Oh, we got a really great website, kids. Listen, dawg, hard to forget that one. There's a whole bunch of info there and our new studies up there and you can you can try to access it there or, you know, there's some medium post and other places we've posted about it. So we love talking about the stuff. Hit us up. If you have questions. All good center. Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. My pleasure and thank you for all the work you do. I love getting your newsletter in my inbox. there you go. Sound and Tussen and Kids podcast. Sadly, my kids are too old now for me to do kids podcast. But hey, if you've got kids, that's proving that they should be getting into podcast early. Yes. That's And all I can say. I mean, you know, I remember when my daughter was a little bit younger than she is now, and she was she fell in love with this podcast by David Walliams from Classic FM, um, which I think it was called something like the Marvelous musical podcast, something like that. It's David Walliams. Marvellous musical podcast. the silliest, funniest, no separates classical music stories ever. This can't be right. This is ridiculous. Is this right? very, very good. By the way, as all David Walliams stuff is that really nicely written? And yeah, and she was listening to that every single day, all seven episodes of that. So, yeah, I can completely see that kids really enjoy Hmm. their podcasts. Moving on then. Vanity Earls, you had a first look at vanity rolls being the best way to get attribution for advertising in your podcast. Surely that's right. But according to a CEO, Dan Granger from Oxford Road, That's not correct, James. Yeah, Why? Well, so what he is saying is that if you read out something, I don't know if we're promoting I don't know Hindenburg, Hindenburg Probe, and we're saying that you couldn't get a special deal if you visit Hindenburg dot com slash pod news which, which does actually work by the way if you were to if we were to read that out, then all of the research appears to say that quite a lot of people will remember us talking about Hindenburg pro will remember us talking about the audio editor and we'll just go to Hindenburg dot com anyway and won't go to the special vanity URL that gives us the attribution. And so or they'll even worse than that, they'll just Google Hindenburg probe and then they'll find out where the website is from there. And then Google will get the benefit. So what Dan Granger is basically saying is that's bad. And instead what you do is you use a how did you hear about this method? So you promote a particular a particular way of getting to that website. But however anybody gets to the website, they are asked when they are buying something, how did you hear about us and the how did you hear about this? It includes, you know, a button for podcast. And when you press that button for a podcast, then they've got a thing which looks at the Apple list of shows as you type in and it matches you up. So what he basically says is that data says it's more than seven times more successful capturing podcast attribution, capturing which podcast you heard the ad on. And so therefore that's a good thing. And he then adds, It's time to toss vanity URLs onto the bonfire. What do you reckon? No chance. I mean, I think look, he I can see his point of view, which is when you're first listening to an ad and you're hearing lots of information and at the same point, a New York rule, you're probably Hmm. not picking up the full vanity URL with the attribution link. You know, I get that that may well be true, but but repetition, as we know in advertising is the key. Repetition builds reputation, I think you'll find. Oh, there you go. Yeah. Look at that straight There you go. out of the radio book. Yep. But but I think that's what it is. It's just, you know, you're not going to pick it up on the first hearing. You may not pick it up on the second, but you may. Otherwise, how can people like a podcast, you know, get measured? You can either do it on CPMs, but KPI's, which is much more like what Yeah. this would be, Mm hmm. which is click through, then. Yeah. Yeah, great. And I still think, you know, we've gone through the age of bitterly said, forget that. I mean I use vanity URLs all the time from a company called Re Brantley, which is brilliant. You can buy the domain really cheap to download and then add on any extensions to it and it works really well. I don't know. I guess he's got data that says it's seven times more successful, but Yeah. I you think know, what I'm I not found sure interesting I agree. is the data suggests it's more than seven times more successful. Yes, but what the data also says is that they only capture 51% with this instead of the only 7% that you do with a vanity URL. Even 51% essentially means if you're being paid cost per action, then you're still losing half of the year of the money. Yeah. So I'm kind of looking at that and going, that is probably more that meets the air. But certainly I like the idea of using. How did you hear about this as you're placing an order, a little hint and tip? Whenever I see one of those, regardless of what I'm buying or or what I'm, you know, inquiring about, I will always either say podcast if that's if that's a thing which is available or radio, regardless of whether or not I've actually heard you on the podcast or radio because I think it's good for the industry and maybe we should all be Hmm. doing that. I don't So know. data quality, David. Right. Moving on about moving on. Talking about data quality. Let's talk about Twitter now. It looks like. Wow, I was shocked. Elon Musk Everyone's talking about it, I guess, but Elon Musk did an interview with the BBC. Yeah, Did you hear it, James? I've heard a very small amount of it. I mean he in typically Elon Musk style, he gave the BBC journalist a very small amount of time I think he gave them 20 minutes notice. Um, so yeah, so, you know, didn't have an awful lot of time to be able to ask the questions and to plan a good, a Oh, good right. interview. Nevertheless, it was a, it was a pretty good interview from what you know, of the bits that I've heard, you must have at some point seen that you're for your hateful content. I'm asking for one example, right? I can't give a single and I'm saying I. Then I say so that you don't know what you're talking about. he does a sort of a Trump thing of, um of turning around and basically saying, well, what would you do to James Clayton? What would you do? How would you have done it? You know, and, and I quite like the I quite like the response of of him where he basically turns around and says, well, you know, you might want to give people notice. And also I'm not running Twitter and you are it? Yeah, I think that. I think pretty good but yeah not not not a great thing but yeah he's a fool is, you know musk And I think it's very clear now to anybody that's following this that he's a fool. When he bought Tesla, it wasn't his technology. He bought that company and obviously as piled an awful lot of money in there. But but you know, Tesla's success isn't necessarily Elon Musk's success. Similarly, Twitter, you can very clearly see that it's just nonsense. Some of the stuff that he's he's been doing. I mean, what was his clever thing last week of covering up the W on the on the office Oh, so yes. that it said Twitter Yeah, oh Yes. Elon Musk you are a card um Well, I think the thing that got me was he had the world's smallest violin in his hand when he was moaning about having to sell Tesla shares yeah because, oh, woe is me. I had to buy this company because I stupidly tweeted that I because would. I And then I followed yes through. And then when it went to court, because I didn't think it could go that far, I had to buy yeah it. And then now and then I tried to close down a data centre that I didn't realise was actually hardcoded to the actual Twitter API. yeah. Oh there's lots of Oh ridiculousness and you know and the fact that NPR is marked as government funded media where when they get less than 1% of their money from the government. Interestingly, he's changed the BBC's thing to say, publicly funded media, which is kind of correct, although publicly funded media under a government law. Let's not forget that yes, per year, you know the guy. So one of the decisions that I made this week is that I'm no longer linking to to Twitter. you The did. good news for me is that there is a service out there called Knitter Knitter dot net. A knitter is really good. It basically scrapes the Twitter and doesn't have any JavaScript. It doesn't have any ads. If you link to for example, Substack, then it just goes through. There's no Twitter analytics on there that blocks you from going through all of that stuff is is not there. It's nice and fast. And so basically I've got a search and replace on the main, um, pod news website which just links you through to the knitter version rather than the Twitter version. So I'm not, not, not giving space Karen any more traffic and I think that's probably probably a good thing. Yeah, I was looking at the spec re. It uses Twitter's unofficial API with no real limits or developer account required. I Yes. like the no right limits because I've just Yeah, been using Twitter's API for pub funds. Oh my God. It's like. It's like going into a bar and having one yeah, beer available for 100 customers. Yes, it's open. Yes, there is alcohol available, but it's totally yeah, useless right now. yes. Oh, So. I mean, and my understanding is that even if you want to resign to the new Twitter API, if you're a developer out there and you want access to the free Twitter API, my understanding is that you've got to rewrite all of your code anyway because they've changed Yeah. the code underneath. Yep. So as a result, you know, I'm there, I run a bot for pod news, I run a bot for another media website that I run and various other things and I've got to rewrite all of those if I can be bothered. And, and I'm kind of thinking too, I really am. I'm really bothered, you know, Am I, am I bothered though? So, you know, I really don't know. There's a couple of things I did know and I'm on the other positive side, which I did think was quite unique. 2.9 million people listened live on that Twitter space. That is quite exceptional. You can't you can't knock that. And Yeah. it does say to me there is still an audience there. If just you could get it right. Yeah, And the other thing is live audio seems to work. You know, when we talk about let and podcasting in broadcasting live, people will tune in if you do it right and look at wish go Spotify yeah, megaphone. So there is a model there for live audio broadcasting. yeah. No I agree. And I think, you know, it's nice to see that Twitter spaces is something that hasn't been closed down that is still running. It's a pretty good, good service. There's a podcasting sort of Twitter space that I try and join every week. It doesn't appear to have happened for the last couple of weeks, which is a shame, but I do try and join that and it's a really interesting thing. So, yeah, um, you know, it's a, it's a good product if the content is right. And clearly if you see Elon Musk being interviewed by the BBC, then whatever you think of both of those of those organisations or people, you're still going to have a listen. So why not? So yeah, I think that that's a, that, that that's a wise idea. The other thing that came out that I find really funny, you know, last week we talked about a new plug in a chrome plug in or a Firefox plug in that Yeah. tells you the difference The $8 between plug in. verified Yeah. and paid. And I'm using that. It turns out that Elon Musk is not verified. He's just paid for a subscription in this blue tick. That's funny. Uh, plasm space current anyway. Yes. Uh, so He's called he's called for the defunding of NPR. By the yeah, way, well, of this course. morning, Yeah, of course he has. Yes. Um, he. He's just a fool. He's just an utter fool and a defunding of NPR. That's 1%. I would much rather have a defunding of of Twitter. The Saudi government pays one, pays 2.8% or owns 2.8% of of of of Twitter. If you're going to start moaning about government funding, then you know, I would moan about government funding. If you're not taking government funding, I mean, you know, Tesla, my understanding is that they have taken billions of dollars from the government. So, yes, I think it's all Space X as I well, think it's all paying a bit a a bit weird. And anyway, moving on to other weird things. popular podcast app pocket casts has increased its optional plus subscription cost to Wow$39.99 per year. Only four months ago, the company raised the price to $14.99 per year from its original September price of 9099. That's a massive jump. James, it is it's an incredible jump from 999, which only was four months ago, to now being a $40 per year. That's a lot of money, of course, uh, pocket casts now owned by Automattic, the people who own WordPress. Um, I mean, I really hope that people are going to be, you know, spending that, but that's quite a high. That's how quite many? a high number. I mean, look, fountain and pod verse, for example, have pro versions or subscription versions. Um, how many people do you think? I don't know. How big is pocket cost? It tends to be in the top four or five apps from everything I read. So Yeah. you know, how many of those people would you think would pay a subscription? Now, what are they getting for a subscription as well? Well, you know, I mean they do get some good stuff for their subscription. I mean, quite apart from anything else, you know, they are paying for the, for the app and the app is a good app. They got a web player, which is a really good quality thing, which actually does some nice sinking in between what you're listening to on your app and what you listen to in the web player. So that's quite decent. You can sideload stuff if you want to listen to stuff that you have uploaded yourself. So you can do all of that kind of stuff and you can get, you know, new logos and all that kind of stuff. But I think, you know, it is a great podcast app. I think it's the best podcast app out there. I certainly got the best player out there. It's the podcast app that I use and I keep on, you know, it's lovely seeing all of these new podcast apps out there, but if you are not a good actual audio player, then I'm not going to use you as my main podcast app because you're not an actual good player. Yes, you may have some funky features, but you haven't got the player bit sorted out and I think pocket casts has got the player bit sorted out. So from that point of view it's a good app and I just like to, you know, I really like to understand a little bit more about why they've, you know, quadrupled the annual subscription and it is an annual subscription of 40 bucks. You know why they've why they've ended up doing that and it'd be good to have a chat with someone. Well, there you go, James. I thought I'd reach out on your wish. Ellie Rubenstein, who has recently been promoted to senior engineering manager and product owner for pocket casts at Automattic. It's going to be on the show in a couple of weeks time to tell us about what's going on with pocket cost. But also I wanted to on because that hinted that they're going to be supporting the podcast index to the O namespace and some of the tags. So I wanted to find out which tags they're going to start with and when it's all going to roll Indeed. out. And they are, of course, a part of the Podcast Standards Project as well. So, you know, again, worthwhile understanding what they're doing there. So that should be, uh, that should be really, really interesting. Now moving on to YouTube, I can't say I'm actually excited, but we will. YouTube's podcast Hub. As you reported on Monday, James appears to have globally rolled out, but they're also talking about how independent podcasters are not that bothered. What's the scoop here? James Yeah. Well, so Ashley basically says, Yeah, indie studios aren't that interested in putting their shows into video, and I would certainly agree with that. Um, there really isn't that much interest, you know? I mean, we put this show, it's available on YouTube, and I had a chat with a headliner the other day and I basically said, if you want to log in as our account and make us look better, then please do. Um, because Yeah, at the moment, at the moment we don't look fantastic. And it would be nice if we looked a little bit smarter on them on YouTube. But yeah, you know, I, you know, a lot of, a lot of independent podcast networks actually come and report aren't particularly interested in pivoting to video. Um, and I think that's absolutely fine. You know, YouTube is doing stuff to get people to pivot to video because of course they can. They think that they can earn more money from the video part. But at the moment my suspicion is we'll see large companies like Slate and NPR and people like that doing the hard work to get their podcasts onto the platform. But there will be many, many others that won't necessarily do that. Having said that, you know, you do have a product like headliner already 1.7 million full episodes uploaded with that automatically. But also if you use Transistor or if you use Lipson and there are a few others as well, they will automatically put your show onto YouTube with all of the the right bits and bobs. And that's probably a good, you know, a good thing. Just to bear in mind as well that you that you may not need to, you know, to actually access a different podcast. Host. It may be quite possible that your current podcast host supports YouTube anyway, right moving off around the world. Let's have a quick look. In the Netherlands, so all 13 Dutch regional public broadcasters have agreed to remove personally targeted cookie based advertising from their websites, and they are in favor, as we heard from Akers last week, of contextual advertising. Sounds good. James. yes, I think this does sound good. So this is obviously nothing to do with podcasting necessarily, but they are taking all of the personally targeted ad banners and stuff like that off of their websites. Now, interestingly, NPR, which is the national broadcaster in the Netherlands, they did something similar in 2020. Their first six months saw increased revenue when they moved to contextual advertising rather than personally targeted cookie based stuff. So that's good. NPO. NPO can no longer actually take advertising on their website after a policy change anyway. But you can see perhaps this is a new a new mood in the advertising world to come away from the personal targeting stuff which seemingly isn't working particularly well and certainly you've got GDPR issues and all that kind of stuff and move over to contextual advertising. And why not? Yeah, well, well done to them. Now in Africa, Chatham House focuses on the rise in popularity of podcasts in Kenya. Yes, and What's the rise? yeah, so I mean, you know, Kenya podcasting appears to be particularly successful at the moment. It seems to be growing very, very quickly, which is, which is nice. It's tied in with the amount of podcast use on mobile phones in that particular country. 68 different languages are spoken in Kenya. So that's quite, that's quite a thing. Blimey. Yeah. So you can well see that spoken word is is an important thing there. And that's where Summer Box is, which is a large podcast incubator for Africa. They've published more than a thousand episodes they've reached, so they say more than 65 million people, of course. But yeah, there's a bunch of a bunch of people tuning into podcasts and stuff in Kenya, and it was good to see, you know, more, more information. It's always nice to see an article that starts talking about a booming scene. We haven't had too many of those in the recent past, so always nice to end up seeing, Yeah, now that's great. Now, in Canada, Vivid Data has released the spring 2023 SCC study of the Canadian consumer. They've come out of hibernation. The data claims 29% of Canadians, or 8.9 million Listen to podcasts each week, which is up 22%. What's happening in Canada? James well, what is happening in Canada? Oh, I'll find out. So I'll be there in early June. But yes, the numbers are up for Canadians. I mean, this is obviously data from this company called Vivid Data. So it's not the numerous data that Canadian radio uses, nor is it the Edison data. It's a very specific thing there. But they are basically claiming that podcast listening is up from 22% in 2021, up to 29% of Canadians. So that's a healthy a healthy increase. Certainly listeners are spending nearly an hour listening to podcasts per day in Canada, which compares to about 2 hours for radio, which seems very high to me. But that's nice numbers that have come out of of of Canada. So as part of a much wider piece of media studies. So yeah and in jobs this lots of jobs going on. There's an interesting company which I know a little bit more about, uh, called Podcast Discovery, which is in the UK. They're looking for a podcast liaison lead. Interesting to see podcast marketing companies beginning to sprout up outside the US. There's a quite nice job in Apple going at the moment in Cupertino. Senior Manager, Product Management podcasts. So good. They've listed it twice, so I better go and remove one of those. But that sounds like a fun job and also a bunch of jobs going on down here in Australia. Everything from podcast producer Mamamia to a podcast partnership specialist at our end. Anyway, if you're looking for a job pod news as podcasting jobs across the industry and across the world and they're free to post as well, you'll find them at pod news dot net slash jobs. Yes, it's the stuff you'll find every Monday in the pop news newsletter. And here's where we do all of the hot name space talk. You're very excited about lit, aren't you? Because there's a brand new podcast app which is very close to supporting episodes. Well to even buy by rumors. So in last week's podcast index to two oh show is Adam Curry and David Jones. Dave mentioned that fountain are close to launching their live item tax. So that was quite exciting. I hear. By the way, Fountain is very close to us to work, to implementing lift. Oh, where did you hear this? I did not hear this. I heard it straight from the horse's mouth. I heard from. From Oscar? No, from His partner. Nick? Yes. Thank you. Yeah, apparently. Apparently, they're. They're not far behind. And he also on Mastodon hinted that podcast app podcast Guru appears to now support live episodes as well. Yes, very exciting. I think the thing that sort of slightly worries me about live podcasting is when you look at the amount of downloads that typical podcasts get and they are not massive. You know, if you look at the by Sprout Global statistics that we look at from time to time, then you can see that if you want to be better than half of all of the podcasts out there, then you need more than 32 downloads for one episode. I know, not massive numbers, so I am a little bit worried about what putting podcasts live actually means for the majority of shows which have quite low numbers. But for big shows like the board meeting, the podcasting 2.0 show or for example, no, no agenda, then obviously it's going to be really big. So great to see you both. Podcast Guru, which is a very polished, nice app on both iOS and on Android and Fountain as well, both supporting or close to supporting the live item tech in the future, which is a nice thing. I think if you take a theme through today's show with, you know, the Spotify megaphone announcement, I think with the way that you've seen Twitter spaces and now you're getting more apps, I think there is a while you are the radio man, but I mean, there is a clear merging between the line between radio and live podcasting. I think the two are becoming one very quickly, and I think it's great that some of the tools, you know, have been missing because again, even if you do what Adam and Dave do on a Friday night, wouldn't it be great for them to automate that going straight through to a podcast quickly? I mean, again, I'm sure they have to do some backend fixing to make it into a podcast. But I mean, again, you could use the Spotify megaphone types dial to automate that function. Yeah. And again, I think a lot of other people will want to do that. Yeah indeed. No, I think it all looks interesting and you know, I think certainly radio companies understand that they have some great content and it should be available wherever and however audiences want to have a listen. So I can certainly see that as being a benefit. Hmm. Other stuff going on, curious Shasta is switching from its previous wallet company to Albi, which is nice, although is Albi becoming the the centralized service for podcasting 2.0? Who knows? But anyway, that is going on at the moment. You can transfer from your legacy wallet as they call as they call it, into into Albi. You're going to have Stephen Bell from Kyrie Acaster on the show next week, which I'm looking forward to. Hmm. But Sprouts have proposed some ideas around web jokes for the podcast text thing for validation of shows which sounds interesting. I'm not going to hold my breath as to how that'll work. But anyway, worthwhile having a thing and transistor have added to a new podcast website theme. They run a free podcast website site as well. There's a new podcast. Website theme is very fancy. It's called cardboard and I through a a pod news version of that up so that we could have a peek at that. They do some really nice stuff actually they've they've you know integrated with YouTube they've got a good explainer video on how that bit works. And so there's a bunch of stuff that transistor doing which is which is really cool. Were you listening to the new media show last week with Todd and Rob? I was yes, I did listen to them. Yes. Yeah, They they they didn't, though, propose what was proposed on the Friday night podcast show with Adam and Dave where they said that Todd should head out the PSP. That's what they voted for. I think that's quite good. But Todd, are you up for it? Wow, that would be that. That would be a thing. You do realize the PSP is there for diplomats. It's the diplomatic core of of the new podcast namespace. Not necessarily sure whether Todd Cochrane fits quite into the diplomatic core Don't leave me, Todd Cochran. I think it's more of his drill sergeant days that they're trying to get in there. Todd is very much he's very keen on the on the podcast standards Yeah. projects and quite rightly so, may have noticed that they have been sponsoring the POD news newsletter this week. I gave them that for free because I believe in what they're doing. And so, yeah, I think, you know, Todd is a very good person to have involved in that in that organization. So yeah, not so sure about heading, heading up that organization, I think anyway. Okay. Now more exciting news. James, you've you've been working very hard on this next one. We've been looking for a way to get podcast recommendations and podcast pod roles started off with Kevin from about suggesting something called a pod role. You then took it by the bull, the bull by the horns, let's say, and you implemented it on pod news. So look, let's talk a bit more. What is the podcast pod role and what have you Well, done? so the idea behind this, you know, Kevin is one of those people that hates the algorithm, and quite rightly so. And so what he is they're going is I do not want an algorithm underneath my podcast recommending other podcasts because I have no idea what their algorithm is going to chuck up. Instead, I would like to be in control. The creator would like to be in control of the other shows that you might enjoy at the bottom of the podcast, for example, and I think that's a perfectly reasonable thing to suggest. He calls it a pod role in the same way as we used to have blog roles. When you and I were younger. Indeed, And he he's calling it a pod role. I think that the idea of a pod role is a really good plan. So good that I now support it. The pod role tag isn't really a proper tag yet, but nevertheless there are a few shows out there. Buzz Cast is one of them. This show is one of them. Thank you both Sprout for turning it on as well as the Pod News Daily and a few others that now supports the pod roll tag. So if you go and have a look at those pages on the Pod news website, then you can see a little section that says other shows you may enjoy and it links to those other shows, which is very smart. What I'm suggesting actually is to add ways of recommending recommending shows, but also ways of actually saying here are other shows in our podcast channel. So if you like using Apple Podcasts channel idea, but actually taking that and making that a little bit more open. So that you've got here's our channel of podcasts and here's other podcasts that we don't make that we would like to recommend. But you know, that may just be adding, adding complication right now. And at the end of the day, it's just probably easier just to have, you know, one list. And that's what we currently have So how do you create a pod role? And by what I've seen you use something called Do it. So come on, James, what's a good and how do you use them? every time we mention the podcast. Good. You always ask about what's a podcast good. It's Yep. it's just the ID code for each and every podcast. It doesn't change when you change your RSS feeds. If you move from Buzz Branch to LIPSON, why would you do that? If you moved from Libs into Buzz Sprout, then it doesn't, it doesn't end up changing. So it's a it's a web scale permanent identifier for each particular podcast and it works perfectly here because you just put it in to your podcast RSS feed and a list of GO, and then the podcast app blocks up those go and shows what podcast you have ended up linking to and where it happens to be, where the RSS feed happens to be at this particular time and, you know, in place. So that works really well and it's a really simple usage of using the podcast grid, which is a fantastic thing. In so much so you've added a search function for Go. It's suddenly Yeah. So why that is search function for Go, It's because I've already got the data anyway, and so you can just punch it in if you really want to type it. You can also see a go ed for your own podcast. If you want to just search for your podcast and you'll find that the podcast grid is under the information for podcasts list on the page, so you can actually have a look at it there. But goods are automatically built from your first podcast, RSS Feed, and then put through some complicated encoding thing so that they all work. And I think, you know, it's actually really helpful. And I'll give you an example of where it could be particularly helpful. And that's with YouTube. If I am putting my show onto YouTube, it would be really nice to be able to link directly to the YouTube page from a podcast page. I have absolutely no way of doing a search of the YouTube catalog in order to find Well, where's that? This particular podcast in the YouTube catalog. There's no search at the moment in the YouTube API for a podcast, and even if there was one, you'd be searching for a name rather than a consistent ID number. So if YouTube was to use the podcast ID and make that available, if Apple was to use the podcast to it and make that available, if Overcast was to use the podcast guru to make them make that available, then you know for certain that it's the same show on all of these different apps and devices and that's a great thing. that Dave Jones is also adding a search functionality to the podcast index through the API. You can already do an API search for. You'll give it on the GitHub. So again, I'll put that in the show notes, but he's actually adding it to the website as well. So dudes look like they're going to become more they want default standard, I guess Yeah, and I really do hope so because one of the massive pain points that I have when I'm producing a podcast page for somebody on the POD news website is doing lots and lots of lookups for every single podcast directory out there to basically see if I can find the same information about a particular podcast in that directory. And then that's probably the same podcast, at least I hope it is, you know, in doing a few other checks and tests to see whether it's the same thing. And actually it would take all of that guesswork away and make it much, much easier to link to other podcast directories, but also much, much easier in terms of, you know, in terms of, of adding you know, a new podcast directory, a new a new thing. You know, if POD fans supported the go it, then I could we link do. from every single page to the pod fans page. That Yep. would be a that would be a simple, straightforward, instant instant win. And I think at the moment, you know, we're all using our own ideas for podcasts and that's not particularly helpful. No, I agree. We used a standard, give it an all podcast, so have a go ID, which is what we found. Which is odd. We do have empty slots in the queue ID in the metadata for certain podcasts, but there you go. But one of the other things James was thinking about, this has to be host driven, doesn't it? Because there's no way that a podcast standard host is going to go and look up and get it and then try and add that into their RSS feed manually like you did. It has to be a nice UI, doesn't it? On the House side. Yeah, it does. I mean, it has to be something which is which the podcast Host Well will sort out. There's basically there's two things there. There's a podcast host generating a go it for the first time for a new show, but there's also making sure that you are pulling in a go ahead if that exists, either in the podcast index or or in the RSS feed, when you're importing a show from from someone else. So, you know, so hopefully podcasters podcast directories will be doing that. It just makes it much, much easier to link. That's, that's the main thing at the moment. There's no programmatic way of linking to my show on iHeart, for example, unless you do complicated searches and nobody really wants that. And certainly iHeart doesn't want. I update 6000 shows a day on the POD news website. iHeart doesn't want six 6000 search, you know, search results a day from my little server. So any use of the of the existing good and it should even if there isn't a good in the RSS feed there should be a go ed on the the podcast index. So if you're Hmm. using the podcast index as your source of truth, Well. then that's where you'll find the beat, the, the, the go it in there. Hmm. Now, I asked you a question. I think God knows where it could be messed up and could be too. Could be lost or I have no idea where I ask this question, but you put the pod role as a channel element and only said could you to extend that to an episode element a bit like a Spotify music playlist. Because if you look at the way that Adam and Dave are thinking about adding music into the RSS feed and you then said, No, that's the remote item, take it and you don't really care much for it. So tell me more. Yeah. So there is already built in something called an remote, a remote item tag, and that basically means it's a simple way for you to reference an episode from your own podcast feed to, to reference an episode and it then goes and gets the correct data from the episode, from the episodes RSS feed. So basically you're not interfering with someone else's content, you're not reposting that content in your own RSS feed. You're basically saying, I want this episode and this episode is over here and blah, blah, blah, and I'm so unsure about the use case for it. I can't really see people for podcasting. Maybe it's a different thing in terms of music, but for podcasting I can't really see a benefit in terms of a podcaster using one of these remote item tags to link to another show from another podcaster. You know, there are lots of editorial questions that I have over, you know, if I'm going to put somebody else's show into my own feed, I should probably be explaining why that show is in Mm there. And, hmm. you know, and covering that, you know, in the editorial around that. And the remote item tag doesn't allow me to do any of that. So I'm a bit dubious about it. I've built a remote item feed if you want to go and have a play. But I'm very dubious about the the use case. I just don't see it being particularly helpful. No, it looked I did look at it and it looked really complex and I couldn't get my head around it. But I really like the way that the pod roles working, and I really think that you could extend that with really close episode. But anyway, we will see whether people adopt that or not. Yeah, no, I think so. And I think also it's a really good Trojan horse to get goods being used properly because this is yet another way where there is a real benefit in having a web scale static identifier for a podcast which we do not have right now. And that's a real issue. And you can then see, you know, that would be super useful in terms of advertising, It would be really useful in terms of guesting, be so useful in terms of loads of different things. And at the moment we just don't have that. So yeah, Hmm. Now, moving on to a little bit of age news, you did something with how can news a couple of weeks ago, what was up yeah. So I just linked to this. It's the Hacker News recap, which is an AI produced podcast. What it basically does is it has a look at the, the top posts on Hacker News every day, which is one of those websites that lets you link to places and blah, blah, blah. And it basically makes a podcast from it and it and you know, using AI and everything else sounds really, really, really good. So I was super impressed of that. So and the Dmitri, who's one of the co-founders of that company, said, Oh, well, why don't we make a pod news version of that? And he's just thrown up one piece of of audio. I think I prefer me doing it, but nevertheless, this is a little clip of what that sounds like. Welcome to Paid News, your go to source for daily updates on everything podcasting and on demand. In today's episode, we'll cover the Bowen Valley podcast and its role in potentially freeing an innocent man from prison. The Irish Extreme Mike Pro Review, A.I. and podcasting. The latest data about podcasts and a lot more. Let's get into it. So she sounds fun, doesn't she? with. So I think from I'm from that. voting for her. James Yes. So I think from that point of view, you know, really impressive, actually, some of what you can do with this sort of stuff. And that does not sound like an AI voice to me. That sounds like a proper voice. So there was that going on. And then there's we mentioned the Anthos AI generated audio ad service last week and I said it would probably sound rubbish. We all had a jolly good laugh. Well, I now have a log in for it and they produced a couple of a couple of ads for the pod news newsletter in there. This is a bit of one of those ads Attention podcast enthusiasts, producers and creators. Are you looking for a quick daily update on the global Podcasting and On-Demand audio landscape? Look no further than Pod News Dot Net, and again, really, really good sounding AI that's been written by AI as well. It just answered a couple of questions. Super good. So and as and. a friend of mine, Jeremy contacted me today, he said, what we need to remember is that this is the beginning of Exactly. this is as bad as it gets. Yeah. And so everything that we hear from here on in will sound even better than that. And you just go, Wow. So yeah, it's interesting times for ad writers and voiceovers and ads. Yeah, and all of that. At Radio T and. And no one's needed any. Well, Yeah. No, exactly. now, moving on. Last bit of tech News Road have launched a new app called Road Capture. It's a pro video and audio recording app, which I played with last night actually, and it's really, really good. It uses the wireless me, the brand new little wireless device that they brought out a couple of weeks ago Yeah, or the wireless two goes and you can just attach that to your iPhone and you get really good quality audio or video recording on your iPhone, very nice. Yes. It, it looks it looks smart. Have not had a chance to play around with it, but it's exactly the sort of thing that wrote should be doing. And I think it's interesting seeing the split between a pure hardware company. Um, and then what road has is becoming, which is a company that is dealing with both hardware and with additional software to make their products work better. And in the same way, you know, Sure is a microphone, this microphone that I'm talking into right now has additional software where you can program your your your software to do your microphone, to do various things. Sadly, it's not going to program the whipper snipper, which is in the background, which you can possibly hear doing some doing some grass cutting streamer I believe right? in British English whippersnapper in Australia, Yes. an English Whippersnapper whippersnapper. He It's was the whippersnapper he's all weird, mate, right? but nevertheless. So I think that that's interesting and I so I reviewed the Irish stream Mike Pro and I rig are most certainly a company that have produced a microphone but no software and so they've produced, you know, it's quite a nice microphone if use it right. It's got a very strange connector on the back. It's called a mini dyn. No, I know, but apart from that bit, it's a pretty nice little things I had to play with that. And you'll find the review on that is on the pod news dot net website. Now let's take a look at some events, the 18th Annual And podcast awards are here uh, podcast awards dot com get your own XCOM. Todd Cochrane got his own dot com for the podcast awards 18 ago Don't leave me, Todd Cochran. and this is the awards that is a very good thing it's the People's Choice Awards open to all shows worldwide. Time to join the celebration of podcasting excellence. He says. Um, and you should go into that and see if you can win something which is very nice. James, Yeah. James, James, before you go on, what happened to the Hall of Fame? That's a tall thing, isn't it, as well? Yes. Well, what happened to the Hall of Fame is You it wasn't at the, it wasn't it podcast movement, evolutions in know. Las Vegas. It's not a podcast movement thing. Hasn't been a podcast movement thing really. Anyway recently, um, and uh, yes. And so not quite sure what's going on with that. My understanding is that they had a list, um, they had a, uh, a list of people that they were going to induct. And my understanding was that, um, it's not necessarily something that they can find anybody that's particularly interested in sponsoring that at the moment. I mean, who Oh, knows? It may, it may be that they've, they're planning on, um, on supporting some very strange people, um, you know, who know. But um, yeah, that's my, that's my yeah. understanding of where, that's actually where that's actually happened. Um, I think the three people Okay. that are basically in charge of the Hall of Famer Todd Cochrane, Rob Walsh and Rob Greenlee, um, so, you know, I'm not quite sure what's going on there. Be lovely to find out a little bit more, but whenever I talk to well, two of them, uh, then they will, then they will get very, very Yeah, quiet and look the other way. So I can never, Yeah. I can never get much information I out of them. shouldn't have should I shouldn't ask. Other things going on. The Think. NAB show is next week, and, uh, that's where I'm going. I'll be there on Sunday afternoon and on the Monday might go back the Yeah, to the brewdog That was, that was a nice place. I So was. that might be nice. And uh, following that, the All Ears conference in Berlin is happening on April the 20th, which is Wednesday of next week. I'm going to that as well and uh, doing some chats with Spotify people there, which is all nice. The Birmingham Podcast Festival is coming up on the 22nd of April. Nina Robinson was on this very show last week. If you want to hear more about that, the publisher And podcast. I'll be going there as well. Oh yes, you knew and you'll be going there as well, which would be good. You'll also be going to the Publisher Podcast Awards in London Indeed. on the 26th of April. If you want to catch Sam Sethi in yet another venue with some with some fruit based drink. And uh, yeah, then you can do that. That's in London. Tickets are now on sale. There are virtual tickets for those who can't be there in person who just want to stay at home and drink. Oh well, I have a note. Sensible. And the other thing that and the other two things that are happening in May that I'll be at the New Zealand Podcast Summit, which is on the 13th of May, which is in Auckland in New Zealand. I'm really looking forward to that. That should be that should be good fun. And then slightly later in the month, the podcast show 2023, which is in London between May the 23rd and the 25th, which again should be a very enjoyable thing. I'm going there. I'm also seeing a few folks in in other companies as well while I'm in London. So yes, it should be a good a good time. No quick question for you, James. Now that we know about the Hall of Fame, whatever happened to the NBA board elections? Who was voted? No one seems to know. Yes. What ever happened to the NBA board elections? They were voted in. We don't know who they were, but we do know that, um, the existing board had their last meeting at the end of last week. Um, and so know that that has happened, but we don't know who the new members of the board are. And again, listening to the, the new media show, Todd was very critical about the, the, the Podcast Academy. Rob Greenly, we know wasn't really voted in. So Rob Greenlee will no longer be part of the podcast Academy. Um, so there will be a lot of new faces in that particular organization. And Todd was quite critical about what the organization has done apart from the Ambers, which, you know, I mean, obviously Todd has his own issues with any other podcast. Uh, any other podcast awards. But yes, it was interesting. It was interesting to hear that. And Rob was, you know, pretty good at sticking up for the podcast academy. I thought in in that particular show. But, you know, interesting to watch. I'm rather hoping that we hear who are the new board members of the podcast Academy relatively quickly. And there are more events both paid for and free up pod virtual events or events in a place with people. And if you're organizing something you can tell the world about, it's free to be listed. Pod News, dot net slash events. Yes, it's our favorite time of the week. Sam. It's boost to Graham Corner. We've got a bunch of my. we have. So, Gene, being census 1337 stats, I'm not sure what that reference is to, but I hope you're feeling better. James. Yeah. Oh, you feeling better? I'm feeling much better. Thank you very much, doctor. Yes. I managed to fracture two ribs last week, but I'm on the mend, which is a good thing, but blimey, it hurts. So thank you, Jean Beena. It's elite. A boost, of course. L eat one, Oh, three, right. three, seven. Uh, there you go. Random thing from Kirin Toh SATs. Thanks, Kirin. Testing Do to see how you many have splits any? still work. Presumably, he added us to a bunch of of other things and was trying to break the system. That's always good. It works. Kirin It works, so that's good. And also, he says, Congratulations on the acquisition. James Hope those ribs heal up quickly as well. Yes, me too. And double to double two sat, two row of ducks. So thank you Cameron, for that. And one very long set a couple of weeks ago from sir looks a lot which we didn't mention and a couple of weeks ago but I noticed them in the in the list and so I thought I would mention a particular fan of this because these were this was about six different boosts because boosts are only a specific length. So these were all I think elite boosts. So so looks a lot has given us a lot of boosts. But he has said I love being able to stream stats to shows as I listen feels good and right and fair way more than a subscription. I agree. Why? He says, Well, let me count the way. Since you podcast seem to like feedback about how we listeners cogitate about such things. If I drop off listening to a podcast, I have to remember to unsubscribe or I keep getting billed. That doesn't feel quite fair. Yes, exactly. If I start listening to new value for value, they automatically get my support without me having to do anything. Yeah. Huh. That feels fair. It makes up for my forgetfulness and it has. I feel better about giving when I get to set price, I feel respected as well. Set prices and tiers and such. Feel demanding and hostile. Yeah, I would agree with that. And I would also say that actually set prices and tiers are sometimes much lower than they probably ought to be. And I think if there's one thing that I've learned is that people have very different views of the value that you give. Yes, I would agree with that. He says, What if I can't really afford to be in Club 33? Letting me set the price feels like the proverbial You are coming at me with humility to meet the gratitude I'm showing with sets so much better than give me more or you get less. I have no problem with a suggested amount either. It's the demand that is implicit with a hard number that is hostile as well as limiting some see content. He finishes as worth more than the asking price. I for one love to give extra to shows. I when and as I can go podcasting. Wow there's a there's a thing but I think he's saying a lot of stuff that we agree with them. I totally. I mean, yeah. I mean, the value for value model is, you know, the, the host sets a value and the listener counters with either a higher or lower value or accepts the value that's set. I totally agree. I don't think subscriptions are the way forward. No, I certainly don't think advertising is. But, you know, that's my attitude yeah to it. They go, no I think I think that makes absolute sense. So thank you so much. So looks a lot for that essay. I hope I did you justice. If you get value from what we do like so looks a lot the pod news weekly review is separate from pod news. Sam and I share everything from it. We really appreciate your support so we can continue making the show. You can become a power supporter at Weekly Dot Pod News Dot Net. You can subscribe in Apple Podcasts at Apple Echo slash pod news, or you can support us with stats by hitting the boost in your podcast app. And if you don't have one pod news dot net slash new podcast apps will help you find a new app as well. Or of course, you can come to one of our live events which are coming up. The first one is in Salford in Manchester on the 13th of June Pod News Live. We also have events in September in London, September in Barcelona, in Catalonia and in November in Mexico City. More details of some of those pod news dot net slash live now, what's happening you this week, Sam? well, nothing too much on the podcasting front. I've been playing with the Twitter new API, but I wouldn't go and tell you any more about it because it's very boring. But the crafty tug, my little boat, my pub on the river. Wow. Yes, Yes. It yes. nearly sank You're this week. Gosh, that's not good. really Well, how the rivers, did it sink? well, it's moored up and the river got really rapid and whoever tied it up last from one of the team tied it up too tight. And so it didn't have any free movement and the water started coming in. So we got it. It's okay. The crafty tug is still alive Wow and it will be up five new events this summer, which we're really Once excited you've for. once So, you've yes, once you've once you've dried it out. Uh, exactly. very good. Excellent. So what's happened Does it for have you, a James? website? Something Not yet, no. We've got an about Instagram. Yeah, we are Instagram working on a little website. We've got some great sweatshirts. So I've just had a crafty tug. acts? That's Yes. all goes down. Well, Yes. And I see lots of photographs of Ariel, Nissan, Blatt, the new yes. look, aerial wearing her pod fans top. Hey, you started the trend, James. What Yeah, can I say? that's that's clearly a thing. So yes it's being worn by podcast royalty. Is that so? Yes. Many congratulations. I have orders. I have orders coming in for sweatshirts. There'll be a merch shop at the bottom of pod fans dot EFM. If if there isn't one already, then there should be. Go with James. What's up for you this week? I had this really I weird thing, really. so I sat down for a coffee at the local coffee shop on Tuesday morning and chatting to the various people who I normally talk to in a morning. You know, it's normally the same crowd down there and there's a chap who I've spoken to a couple of times and he, he, he leant across to me and he said to how the ribs. And I thought, how do you know about the ribs. And it turns out that he listens to this show Well, there without you telling go. me. Yeah. I was telling me all about all of the things that I had said and this checked pot news and he's you know, was very excited to learn that I bought and another publication and everything else. So that was a bit weird. Um, Mm. so that was, that was a bit weird and also nice. And for the last two days I've been commuting into Brisbane to do work for a client in the office, which has been very weird, very weird commuting. Um, you know, how do, how do people do that every single day? Yeah. I really, really don't know. It was sort of fun. Is almost chilly this morning and I almost had to consider putting on a jacket, but I just kind of Uh, I decided I decided I think what not was my to. note to you last night? Got you flip flops and budgie smugglers. I love you. So I decided, yeah, sorry that. But that was that's been very pleasant. It's been very nice to get out of the house and go and and rather gingerly, you know, wander about and and see some folk. So that's been good. And that's it for this week. You can give us feedback using email to weekly output news dot net or send a subscribe If your podcast app doesn't support boosting, grab a new app from Plug News dot Net Forward slash new podcast apps. Our music is from Studio Dragonfly. Our voiceover is Sheila D and we're hosted sponsored by Buzz Sprout podcast hosting Made Easy.

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